Friendship Blessing

This friendship blessing involves collecting seven objects that are special to both you and your friend and then enclosing them in a circle around a picture of the two of you. If you do not have a picture of both of you together then you can use two pictures of you together.

Make sure that the picture you use is in a very nice frame.  Make sure the pictures are clean and propped up.  Make sure that you are happy in the photograph and that it is does not depict some very sad occasion.

Dill is used in this spell because it symbolizes communication, clarity and healthy relationships.

Ingredients for the Friendship Blessing

  • A picture of you and your friend
  • Seven objects that are special to you
  • Dill powder

How to Perform the Friendship Blessing

The seven objects that you use can be anything symbolic of the two of you. For instance if you enjoy music, a guitar pick can be used as one of the objects.

Make an altar somewhere special that features the pictures of the two of you surrounded by the special objects.  Take the dill powder and sprinkle it lightly in a circle in a clockwise direction around the two pictures to seal your friendship forever.

As you are doing this say:

Name of your friend you are my best friend

May our loyalty, love and fun never ever end.

So mote it be!

Freshen the circle every now and then with a little more Dill powder if the friendship feels like it is faltering.

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