Egyptian Faithfulness Spell

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If you believe that your partner is indeed cheating on you or you feel that your partner may have a wandering eye that may eventually act, love spells to keep your partner faithful is the spell you need.

This love spell will help to keep your relationship strong, bonding your trust and keeping your partner faithful to you and your entire relationship.

It will remove any temptation and desires in other women or mean and will provide your relationship with an extra layer of protection.

For the Egyptian Faithfulness Spell you need:

  • 1 pink candle
  • Forest honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Cumin
  • Saffron
  • Small glass of Water
  • Sheet of Paper
  • Pink Thread

How to Cast the Egyptian Faithfulness Spell

Start the ritual by closing all windows. Once the windows are closed anoint the candle with honey and light it.

Place the candle in front of  you.

Make sure to visualize and focus on the faithfulness of your partner while following these steps

Write your Name and your lover’s name on the piece of paper

Dissolve the saffron in the water. Use enough saffron for the water to turn yellow.

Dip your finger in the (yellow) water and draw a circle around your names

Repeat this step 13 times

Take the pink candle and drop 13 drops of wax onto your names.

Add some forest honey, Cinnamon and cumin and place them on the wax.

Again, take the candle and drop 13 drops of wax on the herbs

Fold the Paper 13 times so the paper turns into a little package with all ingredients inside.

Close it with the pink thread and make 13 knots

You have now created a Talisman

Let the candle burn itself out

Hide the Talisman somewhere in your bedroom and keep it until you are sure of your partner’s faithfulness towards you

Once you have achieved your wishes return the talisman to nature by either burying it or burning it.

Keep in mind that there is no expiration date on this talisman and you can keep it permanently.

The Benefits of this Egyptian Love Spell

Egyptian love spells can be a powerful tool if you wish to maintain fidelity in your most important love relationship.  There are those who claim that only a highly trained practitioner is qualified to utilize the full power of an Egyptian magic spell, but many insist that this form of magic is open to anyone’s use.

Although Egyptian witchcraft can be highly complex, you may attempt this spell to keep your partner faithful if you feel confident in your ability to work with the powers offered by this ancient form of magic.  Alternatively, you may seek the assistance of a specially trained Egyptian witchcraft practitioner if you would prefer to have this spell performed for you.  Either way, it can be a very effective spell for keeping your partner faithful.

Egyptian magic relies upon a complex but potent interweaving of both lunar and seasonal energies, in combination with the powers of both the natural and the supernatural worlds.  The Goddess Isis of the full, waxing, and waning moon represents the power of the lunar energies, while her consort, Osiris, oversees all animal life, death, and the sun, and is therefore symbolic of both natural and supernatural powers. Complex, powerful, and effective, Egyptian magic can aid you as you seek to ensure fidelity in your most important romantic relationship.


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