Charging a Talisman, an Amulet or Lucky Charm

Charging a Talisman

Guide to Talismans, Amulets, and Lucky Charms Talismans and amulets have always had a place in spirituality. There is hardly a religion or belief that can do without certain symbols, (precious) stones, shapes, or characters. The cross of the Christians, the runes of the Vikings, the figures of the Aztecs, all these things were used […]

Planetary Magickal Correspondences – Timing your Spells to include Planetary Energy

Planet Magic

Using Planets and Planetary Energy in your Spells and Magick Choosing the right day to cast a spell does not need to be a long and involved process. Magic is a field of few true guarantees, and it gives a surprising amount of forgiveness once you have honed your intuition properly. Above all else, it […]

Witchcraft Tools

Witches’ tools are the things that witches use in order to perform spells and rituals and to practice their religion. They use these tools when they perform their rituals or spells although the tools themselves have no power of their own. You don’t have to have or use any tools in the practice of witchcraft […]

Materials and Supplies for Spells

When people complain of spells not working, despite their best efforts and complying to all of the instructions they could find, one of the most regular issues that crops up is the issue of practitioners not having assembled all of the equipment required for the spell to work in its intended way. There are a […]

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