Pregnancy Spell

This pregnancy spell is an acting out of what it will be like to hold a child in your arms. This spell is a form of sympathetic magic that calls out to the four directions to bless you with the child.

There are no real tools needed for this pregnancy spell.  Epsom salts are used to clarify the aura before you do the ritual.

The ritual is done naked in a field so make sure that you are in an isolated place where you will not upset other people because you are “skyclad” (naked.)

For the Pregnancy Spell you will need:

  • Epsom salts

How to Cast the Pregnancy Spell

Fill a tub with water and add a cup of epsom salts.  The water should be lukewarm.  Immerse yourself totally in it and pat yourself dry.

Do not dress.  Go naked to the nearest field or garden.  Stand in the middle of the field and throw your arms open to the North and say:

To you my child my body is open

Face the East and say:

To you my child my heart is open

Face the South and say:

To you my child my soul is open

Face the West and say

To you my child my arms are open

Then clasp your arms in the cradle position and pretend you are holding your future child for a moment.  Then cross your arms across your chest as if you are folding it into your heart.

How a Pregnancy Spell can help you

If you are longing for a child, but have been unable to get pregnant, or if your wife has been unable to conceive, this pregnancy spell will help you. You need no longer suffer the loneliness that being unable to conceive can bring about you as everyone around you seems to have no trouble in producing children.

Some couples are unable to conceive a much longed for child for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a biological problem within the wife, or it maybe that the husband has a problem, for example he may have a low sperm count. This pregnancy spell can work for either husband or wife, and will result in a much longed for baby.

With this pregnancy spell, you can say good bye to being childless, and have the baby that you have both longed for.


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  1. Emma says:

    Hello i have just done this spell i went to my local pharmacy a difficulty in getting epsom salts so he gave me something with the exact same ingredients i had to do this spell rather quick as the weather isnt very kind will it still work? Also will this help me and my partner have the baby we are so desperately trying for? Is there a time frame? Thank you.

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