Using Magic Spells to Heal and Mend a Broken Heart

Heal a broken heart

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To suffer from a broken heart is painful and affects all areas of life as we are not able to focus on anything else but the broken heart. You may wonder why you should cast a spell to heal a broken heart and what it will actually do. Once the magic is in motion, it will attract intense positive energies into your life, and those energies will banish the negative energies, feelings, and emotions.

You will feel full of happiness, positivity, and have a good outlook on life. It will open you for another love and another relationship without the anger and resentment that the past relationship and it’s break-up has caused you.

After all, you have your reasons why you want to move on and want to heal the broken heart instead of using magic to return the lost lover back to you. You know deep inside of you that it is the right thing to move on and that the relationship really has come to an end.

What these Spells can Do for You

By using these spells, your heart will readily accept the decision, and you will find closure from the relationship, and most of all, from all the pain that the parting has and is causing you. Remember that there are much better days ahead of you and that once the magic is working for you, all these negative feelings and emotions will be permanently removed.

Make sure to also read our Self-Help Guide for the Heart-broken. It outlines a couple of steps that you can follow in order to help yourself.

We added these free spells so you can find peace and ease your pain. Once the energies of the magic spells are working the pain will subside, and only positive energies, thoughts, and feelings will surround you.

Correspondences for Healing Heartbreak

  • Element: Water
  • Plants and Herbs: Amaranth, Cinnamon, Coriander, Gardenia, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Myrrh, Myrtle, Pine, Rosemary, Violet, White Rose, Yarrow.
  • Gemstones and Minerals: Aventurine, Blue Calcite, Garnet, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz.
  • Gods and Goddesses: Ares

Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

Why wait any longer to mend your heart or the heart of someone you love?  This specific spell cannot bring back former loves which do not want to repair the relationship.  However, this spell can help to mend that broken heart as soon as the spell has been cast.  The ritual is fast and effective when correctly performed by yourself or by a professional.

Ingredients for the Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

  • 3 drops of Lavender oil
  • 1 tbs of dried blueberries
  • 1 tbs of tamarind
  • Jasmine Incense
  • 1 tbs of Mint
  • 1 tbs of Sea Salt
  • 4 white candles
  • 1 tbs of rainwater
  • 1 tbs of dirt
  • Cauldron or fire-proof pot
  • matches
  • sheet of paper
  • charcoal

How to Cast the Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

Light the white candles and do so consciously. Now place the 4 candles at the cardinal direction positions (west, east, south, and north) and put the cauldron or fire-proof pot in the center.

Light the Jasmine Incense with the flame of the candle that represents the north.

Write your name on the piece of paper using the charcoal. If you are performing this spell for another person, please write their name on it.

Sprinkle 3 drops of lavender oil on top of the name.

Tear the piece of paper into 3 pieces and put them to the cauldron. Now add the dried blueberries, tamarind, mind, and sea salt to the cauldron as well.

Take the white candle that represents the west and drip 3 drops of Wax on top of it.

Repeat this step with the other candles, South, East, and North.

While dripping the wax focus on your wish to heal the broken heart and to introduce happiness and positive energies into your life

Burn the contents in the cauldron and then burn the ashes.

Add the rainwater and the dirt. Mix everything and put the mixed contents in a pouch or paper envelope.

Bury it the same night.

Spell to Mend a Broken Heart

There is no worse pain than a broken heart. A healing spell to mend a broken heart can help to let the pain subside.  There is no reason to live with an aching heart, sleepless nights, teary and swollen eyes, and depression.  When someone decides that he or she does not want to continue the relationship with you, then that can cause extreme heartache and terrible consequences.  However, you no longer have to suffer from a broken heart as this spell will help you to recover quickly by mending the pain experienced.

Benefits of this Healing Spell

With a broken heart, your days may fade to gray, and you may feel unbearable loneliness.  If you know someone who is currently suffering from a broken heart, you may want to help them mend it because you know how painful one can be.  Here are some benefits that this spell will provide:

  • Complete control over your emotions
  • The ability to feel closure in the relationship
  • The ability to deal with past situations and relationships
  • A repaired heart, ready and willing to love again
  • The hope of a new and better relationship in the future
  • More self-confidence in the relationship
  • Click here for our Guide for the Broken Hearted

What You Will need for the Mending a Broken Heart Spell

  • Verbena
  • String (Yarn or Thread)
  • 3 candles

How to Cast the Spell to Mend a Broken Heart

Perform step 1, precisely 7 days before the new moon.

Tie the string around the verbena and carry it for 7 days in your right pants pocket.

Remove the string from the verbena.

Light 3 candles and bury the verbena and the string beneath a tree during the night of the new moon.

After you have buried these things, blow out the candles one by one, and say the following:

First Candle:

(Name of the Person that caused the heart-break), I give you and my love to you back to nature as I’ve given the verbena.

Second Candle:

(Name), I am released from my sorrow as the verbena is from the string.

Third Candle:

With this last candle, my love for you vanishes and will rest forever like the verbena.

Spell to Get over a Loved One

This spell helps you gently release the person you love so that you can move on and attract someone new. White and pink colors are used to keep the purity and innocence that was once originally part of your relationship. It will help you drop resentments and focus mainly on the good things that have happened during your journey through life together.

Start this on the night of a new moon and slowly go through the spell every day for the next two weeks.  Make sure the candles you use are tall tapers that can last twelve to fourteen days.

For the Spell to Get over a Loved One you will need:

  • Your picture
  • His or her picture
  • Pink candle
  • White candle

How to Cast the Spell to Get over a Loved One

Put your picture under the white candle and his or hers under the pink.  Light the candles for nine minutes and then put them out.

The next evening move your candle and picture a bit further away from yours.  About an inch every day is good. By the end of the two weeks, your two candles will be burnt out from being lit for nine minutes every day, and they will be over a foot apart from their original position.  This symbolizes the two of you moving on, separating and finding your own direction in life without hostility or jealousy.

Self-help Guide for the Brokenhearted

Following a broken heart, the rational actions of a person are often shut down, he or she tends to incomprehensible behavior for outsiders such as total surrender, self-sacrifice but also violence. How realistic the desired relationship is for a person suffering from lovesickness is often irrelevant, because love can totally ignore boundaries of educational background, social restrictions, age, or wealth. A broken heart is worse than a toothache. Unfortunately, it cannot be cured with medication.

Here are my tips for the successful conquest of lovesickness and heartache.


Of course, you may be sad, cry, scream, and feel unhappy. Your first goal should be to gain a little distance from the ex-partner. This can be pretty difficult because memories ‘pursue’ us; common interests, ‘our song’; Pictures and small things which remind us of ‘him’ or ‘her’ and instantly transport us into a state of sadness and loneliness.

Many people advise us to remind ourselves of the negative aspects around the ex-partner and counsel us to realize that the relationship wouldn’t have worked anyway. This is easier said than done. You have probably tried to do this already and focused on the memory of:

  1. their jealousy was principally annoying to you
  2. he forgot your birthday last year
  3. his friends were always more important than you,
  4. he stifled you and always wanted you there for him,
  5. the many fights,
  6. the phone number you found in his pocket the other day.

These are only a few examples, and everybody knows what I am talking about. They are things that always annoyed us during the relationship. The difference, however, is that at the moment we have no relationship and would gladly bear all these ‘things’ just to get our partner back.

Now, let’s look at some proven ways on how you can help your spell.


Have a good cry. Be sad and let your feelings flow. Perhaps your best friend has some time for you, and you can talk about your heartache, maybe they can even stay overnight so you won’t feel so alone.

It is not shameful to have feelings and to suffer from a broken heart, and especially men often have a problem with this – just forget any social restrictions and let your emotions flow. It helps!

Please refrain from using alcohol or drugs, because alcohol and drugs don’t let you forget your sorrow but make the next morning and your emotional life into a nightmare. One cannot deaden feelings with alcohol, and it doesn’t bring your lost partner back either.


Take a shoe box or other container in which you can ‘bury’ different items for a while. Examples of these items are:

Photos of him/her, Letters and postcards from him/her, his/her jewelry, CD’s or tapes with ‘your song’, gifts you have received from him/her in the past …. Delete his/her number from your cell phone, and everything else which strongly reminds you of him/her and which you can ‘bury’ in the shoe box.

Put this container in a safe place (e.g., the attic, the farthest corner of the closet, the basement).

It’s helpful not to be constantly reminded of him or her and simplifies the healing process so that you can enjoy your life once more.

Now is the call for action!

Distract yourself. Take your life back. Meet with friends, go out, play sports, concentrate on your job or school. Take a trip (a weekend trip to a friend or relative in another city can work wonders). Do things you enjoyed before your relationship.

Make a plan for the next week so that you have something to do each day so that boredom cannot set in. Right now, you have no use for boredom. Motivate yourself so that you don’t drown in self-pity. In the next few tips, you will find advice on how you can free yourself from the black hole. One of the magic words is ‘change.


Re-organize your room, paint your walls a different color, or change your surroundings any other way. It is cruel to constantly sit alone in the place that used to be ‘your cuddle corner’ or stare at the empty armchair from which he always watched TV.
Change your surroundings, it works miracles!

Change yourself

  • go to the beauty parlor, cut your hair, color your hair or let it grow
  • go shopping and buy some new clothes
  • change yourself so that you like yourself and are happy about the change
  • Feel good
  • get a tan – a visit in the tanning booth brings much energy in the winter months and helps you feel good (but don’t overdo it)
  • Play sports

Work on your self-confidence

Especially after a breakup, we feel guilty and worthless. We look for reasons within ourselves, and that doesn’t help our confidence at all. You are not a monster, even if you made mistakes in the relationship. Every one of us makes mistakes, even your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend made mistakes in the relationship. You are (as I am and all others) a human being with many strengths, and your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend wouldn’t have had a relationship with you if you had been SOOO bad. After all, at one time, you were someone really special to them.
Free yourself from your self-doubts and don’t bring yourself down by trying to analyze your mistakes or accept the whole burden of guilt for the breakup. A breakup has nothing to do with guilt – it just didn’t work out!

Go out, meet with friends, enjoy your life, and don’t mope alone in your room, and you will see how much acknowledgment is waiting for you out there.

Distract yourself

…but don’t rush into a new relationship with a still broken heart.

If you have not emotionally released the old relationship, avoid rushing into a new one. You may think that you can find comfort in the new relationship, but nobody can replace your lost partner, and you will basically just hurt yourself and your new partner.

You can, however, distract yourself by flirting. Flirting works wonders and will definitely help you lose your self-generated doubts. If a flirt tries to grow into something more, just be careful before you allow the Flirt to hurt you again. You have to be open to the new relationship, and you can’t be open as long as you are still emotionally attached to the old relationship. Therefore these ‘substitute relationships’ are doomed to fail.

The emotional confusion

Some days you feel totally great, have energy galore, and are in a good mood. Other days you are overwhelmed by sadness and feel totally listless.

To handle these feelings, you have to know yourself well. Take time for yourself and recognize new sides in you. You will be surprised how much of you there is to know.

Helpful Creativity

Try to put your feelings into works of art, for instance through painting, drawing, playing music, dancing, rhyming, or singing. Even if you have never done this before and you don’t think you know how. Many people develop incredible creativity, especially in those extremely painful and overly strong emotional times after a breakup. Especially by allowing the pain, the sorrow, and the sadness, creativity helps work through these inner conflicts.

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