Spell to Attract Friends

To attract friends you use the mixture of spearmint and orange together. Anointing yourself with these two natural elements increases your charisma and makes you more popular.  Spearmint increases your wit and charm and orange makes you feel more joyful about life.

As a symbolic gesture of devotion to being the embodiment of these qualities you will eat the two flavors in the form of candies.  Tic Tacs are a good example of candies that come in these flavors but you an use any brand of hard candy.

Ingredients for the Spell to Attract Friends

  • Orange candy
  • Spearmint candy

How to Cast the Friendship Attraction Spell

Pop both flavors of candy in your mouth and suck on them.  While you savor the flavors think of how popular you will be and all of the friends you will attract.

It is also good to do this spell just before you got to a big party or into a situation where you feel socially anxious.

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