The Meaning of the Rune Tiwaz

Tiwaz in the upright position communicates aspects related to the great Norse warrior, Tyr. Matters revolving around difficult struggles or battles will result in success. Leadership must be used fittingly; a difficult or personal loss occurs for the greater good. There is an influence of heroism and valiant deeds.

Tiwaz reversed indicates exposed positions; a situation that requires precision— haste or too much aggression will bring failure. Beware of blindness or treachery; there is a price for conquering every conflict.

Tiwaz upright:

  • selflessness
  • sensible leadership
  • victory
  • sacrifice
  • the greater good

Tiwaz reversed:

  • shortfalls
  • loss
  • disloyalty
  • inexperience
  • lack of planning

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