Easy Binding Spell

Binding spells do not need to be enormously complicated in order to work well.  Although most traditional binding spells consist of long chants and winding ribbons or yarn repeatedly around a photo you can do this simple one instead.

The idea behind this one is that staples are used to make interlinking cross shapes to seal a photograph of an offender shut. There is no chant necessary in this one. You will simply think vehemently and with great passion about how you would like this person to stop bothering you any more.

For the Binding Spell you will need:

  • Purple candle
  • A photograph of the person
  • A stapler filled with staples

How the Easy Binding Spell is cast

Cast your circle and place the candle in the center of it.

Fold the photograph in half starting with the bottom half of the photograph to make the fold.

Then take the stapler and each time you staple say:

With this staple I thee bind.

(Name of person) I bind you from doing harm to me or (name of lover or simply say “others”.)

Each time you staple try to place it so that the seal on the edge of the folded photograph is a series of crosses.

End the ritual by stapling a cross through its center.


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