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Enemy Binding Spell

This spell uses two pocket mirrors or a compact that consists of two mirrors in order to contain the image of an enemy who may be attacking you. The principle behind this is that the person is symbolically looking at themselves and any bad energy they send out is immediately rebounded back to them. The […]

Revenge Spells

Revenge is a dangerous thing.  Even the desire for revenge, if it becomes too great to control, can cause irreparable harm to you or those you love.  Still, let’s face it, there is something infinitely satisfying about watching someone who has harmed you or your loved ones get what (you think) they deserve.  This satisfaction […]

Easy Binding Spell

Binding spells do not need to be enormously complicated in order to work well.  Although most traditional binding spells consist of long chants and winding ribbons or yarn repeatedly around a photo you can do this simple one instead. The idea behind this one is that staples are used to make interlinking cross shapes to […]

Voodoo Control Spell

This Black Magic Control Spell works by bending another person’s will to your own. You may believe that it is particularly well-suited for use in a free spell to control a person or a situation.  Perhaps this is true, but this doesn’t make it right.  This control spell can enable you to control people or […]

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