Spell to Keep Beauty From Fading

This beauty spell uses food that is sacred to the love Goddess Venus to keep you beautiful. It is good spell to perform three days before you have to attend an important date or event.

It works well anytime but it is best to do from the new moon through to the full moon because that is the time that you can make things progress.

To make this spell doubly powerful do it for fourteen instead of three days in a row.

Ingredients for the Beauty Spell

  • 7 Cherries
  • 7 Snowpeas

How to cast the Spell to Remain Beautiful

Take seven snow peas in your right hand and seven cherries in your left. Eat them alternately starting first with a snow pea and then a cherry. The left hand rules the unseen world inside you and the right hand what others see.

Repeat for three days before you have to go out on a big date or go to a big event.

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