Spell to Clarify A Relationship

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Sometimes you need to define boundaries or clarify the level of commitment in a relationship. This particular spell uses braiding and unbraiding processes to help you understand and influence a particular relationship.

The red ribbon used in this spells symbolizes relationships and the yellow symbolizes communication.

Part of the success of this spell relies on your ability to visualize the outcome or answer that you desire.

You may do this spell at any time.

For the Relationship Clarification Spell You will need:

  • Red ribbon  (four feet)
  • Yellow ribbon (four feet)

How to Cast the Spell to Clarify a Relationship

Focus on the problem and begin braiding the ribbon. Braid the ribbons all the way to the end. Put the braid safe for at least three days and three nights.  Make sure the braid is exposed to daylight and moonlight.

Do not dismantle the braid until the communication you desire has ben achieved.  If no communication is achieved within one year than undo the braid and let the person find his or her own way in life without astral influence from you.

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