Radiant Beauty Spell

If you want to be appear radiant as if you are glowing with true beauty and great health then try this beauty spell.  Orange oil is a substance that has been used for centuries to uplift the spirits and give your eyes a spirited glimmer.  Rose oil is the oil that symbolizes true inner and outer beauty. Roses also have the symbolism of symbolizing eternal and lasting love that is based on more than just a symmetrical face or shapely body.  Rose oil is all about loving the essence of someone while the orange oil reminds us that loving someone is not all drama. It is also about having fun.

Ingredients for the Radiant Beauty Spell

  • Orange candle
  • Pink candle
  • Orange oil
  • Rose oil

How to cast the Radiant Beauty Spell

This spell is best started on the New Moon or nine days before the Full Moon.

Anoint both candles with both oils. Make sure you buy candles that will burn for as long as nine days. Set the candles before a favorite mirror, perhaps on a dressing table, and light them. Focus on your reflection for exactly nine minutes imagining your good features being enhances and your flaws diminishing.

Repeat this ritual for nine minutes, for nine days.

The Benefits of a Radiant Beauty Spell

If you want to radiate beauty and be the object of lust for men or women then you need the beauty spell!

We have all seen those people. They may not be classically beautiful in their appearance, but there is something about them that gives them a special aura of beauty. This aura surrounds them wherever they go. It never seems to leave them. No matter what time of day it is, or what they are wearing or doing, they seem to radiate a certain something. Other people seem to throng around them, and they are the centre of attention wherever they go. They are the people that others lust over.  They have an aura of radiance that seems to surround them. Be one of them by casting our free Radiant Beauty Spell.


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