Ultimate Psychic Guide – Introduction to Psychics, Psychic Abilities, and Readings

Ultimate Psychic Guide

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Since time immemorial, religious beliefs have assumed that there is much more to a person than just a physical aspect. Some call it a soul, others an energy field, an aura, supernatural force, an inner being, or a spiritual connection.

Whatever it is, it is something more than what meets the eye.  The five senses that we have are not sensitive to these forces. However, this is something inherent in psychics.

How Psychics can help you

Psychics have developed the art of tuning themselves to these forces and have developed a sixth sense. They are sensitive to the invisible energies that are inherent in our bodies. Psychics may have the ability to contemplate a person’s movements without any physical interaction. In addition, they have the power to tune into the emotional state of another person through nonphysical means. They are also able to conduct psychic readings in order to predict what may occur in the future. Psychics, in general, have some sort of extrasensory perception that gives them abilities such as the ability to predict. Nostradamus is an example of a psychic that has been able to predict major events that have occurred much after his lifetime.

Gifted psychics are also said to be able to communicate with the dead and have a deep connection with the spirit world. They have the ability to open up lines of communication with those who have passed beyond the plane of existence. Their power of intuition enables them to delve into the past as well as the future.

Getting Help Through Psychic Readings

People who are struggling with certain issues in their life may want to understand them better through psychic readings. These readings, when conducted by a genuine psychic, have the ability to enlighten certain aspects and paths of your life, which you may not be in tune with. They can provide a different and helpful perspective of a situation. Psychics go about their readings by tuning into the person and feeling his or her natural energies and vibrations. They use tools such as tarot cards, crystals, palm readings, numerology, and past life regression, among others, for their readings.

Psychics have the power to give readings over the phone or through email also. Individuals can ask questions to a psychic and receive possible intuitive solutions or a probable outcome from the psychic. With practice and the requisite skills, psychics are able to delve into other people’s minds easily.  Psychics work on the general premise that the world of the dead overlaps at certain points on the physical plane with that of the living. When this co-existence begins to interrupt the daily course of life, the effects of the spiritual interference are seen in the form of poltergeist activities, energy disruptions, and ghost sightings.

The main need for psychics in such scenarios is to convince the spiritual presence of the fact that its world now belongs to the living and that it should either co-exist peacefully or move on to another plane. The task is easier said than done since something that is unreal and unseen can hardly be easy to convince. Through the use of skills such as mental telepathy, aura reading, and divination, a psychic can also request the dead to provide closure to those they left behind.

All this is a matter of faith, but the actions of a psychic do not depend upon the beliefs of witnesses. A true psychic is characterized by a compassion that is greater for the spirits than for humans.

Different Types of Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities Infographic


Telepathy is the ability to pass on information, ideas, impressions, feelings, moods, and thoughts between living beings without the involvement of known sensory organs. More specifically, it describes the ability to emotionally receive another person’s non-articulated emotional content and then reproduce it in words. The content can be sent encrypted as pictures. You are not necessarily aware of the recipient, but they trigger a reaction that is visible to the outside world. This phenomenon is often referred to as thought transfer.


Precognition is the prediction of future events that are already anticipated or are subsequently experienced, whereby the corresponding prediction can relate to a few seconds or many years. In parapsychology, precognition refers to clairvoyance with regard to future events and is seen in connection with vision and prophecy.


In parapsychology, the term medium or channel refers to a person who can establish a connection to the spiritual world and is thus able to convey messages between people and supernatural beings such as angels, spirits or the deceased. A medium can also perceive other types of things that cannot be explained physically. Traditionally, mediums have appeared in numerous cultures in Eurasia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands, primarily in shamanistic societies. Today people are looking for a medium to get in touch with deceased relatives, guardian angels, or similar supernatural beings and to get messages of comfort or help in life.


Telekinesis means the movement of objects through the power of human consciousness, without the aid of the hands or other instruments that touch the object. The term comes from the Greek – “tele” means “far” and “kinesis” means “movement” – and indicates that something is set in motion from a distance, for example, an object that can be determined by the power of “remotely control” the human mind without further external influences. For many people, telekinesis is evidence of a person’s supernatural powers and is often used by magicians to demonstrate that they actually have powers that not everyone can control.


This type of psychic ability is defined as the disappearance of an object without the physical touch. Apport is the name for the parapsychological pretense that objects or people are moved by supernatural forces over distances, also through closed spaces and through matter, e.g. walls. It affects both the appearance and disappearance of objects as well as the object itself.

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the ability to use paranormal senses to see images and visions. Clairvoyants use their gift to obtain information whether it is about an object, a person, future events, past events, or even a location.

Clairvoyance is a gift that does not arise in every person. Most clairvoyance is discovered in childhood and is often not taken seriously by outsiders. Only after the clairvoyant has made clear and accurate statements several times is she respected as a clairvoyant. The development of this ability is not dependent on external things, but has its origin already in childhood, driven by the imagination and the consciousness within the heart. Since clairvoyance does not always perceive clear images, but rather colors, shadows, or image sections, the interpretation requires great skill.

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is the ability to hear things psychically without the use of your physical ears. People who have this ability receive information from spiritual beings in the form of messages and sounds. In order to be able to provide detailed information on a topic, they interpret these received messages. Clairaudience is a psychic ability in which the clairaudient receives information from paranormal noises. The form of clairaudience is equivalent to clairvoyance, only that the psychic does not see the person but hears them. A clairaudient does not perceive the actual sounds, but only what he hears through his inner, mental ear. You can think of it as someone thinking of words but not saying them. Clairaudients perceive noises that are hidden from others. For example, the voices and thoughts of long-dead people.

Clairsentience (Clear Feeling or Clear Sensing)

Clairsentience means “clear feeling or clear sensing”. A person with this gift feels the soul of a person and puts himself into their emotions, feelings, and perceptions and interprets them in one session. Clairsentience is a form of psychic abilities in which a person gains knowledge through feeling. Movements by other people can be felt. There are different levels of clairsentience. Some can perceive thoughts and emotions, others the well-being of others. They do not have a third eye because they can only feel intense feelings, but cannot capture an image in the head.

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading?

Psychic Reading

A psychic has the power to delve into the past or look into the future to find solutions to issues that you may be finding hard to deal with. When you opt for a reading, the first thing to do is choose the type of reading you require. Today, psychics offer phone readings, email readings, and live chat on the internet as well. Very often, the results are better if you choose a face to face meeting with a psychic.

An excellent psychic reading has the power to help you make life-changing decisions. When you visit a psychic, it is advisable to be well prepared emotionally and mentally. Depending on your issue, there could be answers that could trigger emotions and leave you exhausted. It is essential to build a good rapport with an advisor. This helps the energy to flow between the two of you and with a better outcome.

The key is to opt for a reading from a real psychic. Don’t opt for anyone with tall claims which may just make you spend all your money for no reason at all. Set up a meeting with the psychic, ask for referrals, and anything you may want to know regarding the subject. An honest person will be forthcoming in his answers and won’t demand money in advance. You need to be as comfortable as possible if you want the psychic reading to be a success. The positive energy the two of you create is what determines the success of the outcome.

Different Types of Psychic Readings

Different Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic advice is offered in person, through chats, text messages, phone, the inclusion of webcam, emails, and other sources. To offer the advice, the psychic may take advantage of their psychic abilities, such as Extrasensory perception, or with divination tools such as tea leaves, tarot cards, pendulum, crystals, or the runes. Check out the area of expertise of the psychic and then make a selection depending on your needs and beliefs. 

Phone Readings

There are many different types of psychics, so of course, knowing which one would best suit your current psychic needs is very important. Many people are skeptical of phone and online psychic readings and question if a psychic is able to be read over the phone. You should know that it is not the personal contact or the divination tools which give the psychic their answers or visions; they are mere “tools” that a psychic can use to pronounce these readings. A psychic uses their amazing intuition and their empathy combined with their wisdom that allows them to interpret what these “tools” say.

A psychic uses their ability to perceive information from the unseen world, using what many refer to as the sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP). Their sixth sense is activated, and in use meaning, they can experience the subtle dimensions and the subtle world known as a spiritual experience. They can read your auric energy no matter how far away they are from you. They can read it through chats, texts, webcams, or the phone.

All it takes is the Psychic to hear the person’s voice as your voice’s vibration is interpreted by the Psychic to understand their anxieties, feelings, and whatever else is going on in their current life.  In the world of spirits, you can travel instantly, in the blink of an eye, so once this is mastered along with intuition and the psychic’s abilities and wisdom are interwoven into their art, readings can be done from anywhere, no matter how far apart they might be.

Email Readings and Chat Readings

Not everyone has the luxury of seeing a psychic in person. You might be self-conscious or nervous about seeing a psychic in person, or you might live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of psychics.  While you can work with a psychic over the phone, you also have the option of working with a psychic online.  Online Readings can be very helpful when you have problems with your love life or have occupational or other relational questions.  Your psychic can provide you with information on all of your life and your future. 

Online readings can come in one of two ways.  You can work through email and ask for a reading, giving personal information, and your questions to the psychic.  The psychic can then send you an email reading that answers your questions.  You can also use the online psychic in sort of a chat format.  The psychic will chat with you for ten to twenty minutes and will charge you a fee for chatting with them.  

Psychic Readings in Person

The method of having a psychic reading in person is of course also popular. Here, interested parties find it very important to have direct contact with the psychic. They also like the atmosphere that surrounds the respective room, because such meetings are often accompanied by a magical and spiritual procedure. This is not necessary, but some psychics enhance their psychic abilities by creating a certain mood. So each type of reading has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What applies to all types of readings is the fact that the person getting the reading should know that he is ultimately responsible for his life. Because in the end the reading will offer a you kind of a direction, an inspiration, and paths on how you could improve your life.  If you have lost your path and don’t know in which direction to go next, then a psychic reading can be highly beneficial for you. It can offer you guidance, answers and set you on the right course.

Are Psychic Readings Accurate?

When you think of psychics, you might think one of two things.  Some think that psychics have all of the answers, while others think they are simply trying to get paid for little work.  But the truth lies somewhere between these opinions.  Like any profession, some people are good at what they do, and others may not be.  Some psychics are legitimate, having the ability to talk to your ancestors and to communicate with other spirits.  But others may only want to make money, so they exaggerate their abilities.  To make sure you are making the best decision for yourself, here is what you need to know about the accuracy of psychics.

Some Psychics are Accurate

The answer to the question “Are Psychics accurate?” is: The truth is that many psychics are accurate in the predictions they make and in the spells they can cast.  These professionals have been blessed with the gift of being able to have a clear vision of the world around them, seeing things that others can not see, hearing things others can not hear.  They may have been born with this gift, or they may have been able to nurture it on their own.

With this in mind, while these fortune tellers can be accurate, that doesn’t mean they are right 100% of the time.  Many people forget that since psychics are human, they are bound to make mistakes, and they are bound to have times when they don’t read a sign correctly.  Being able to remember that psychics are not always able to have all the answers will be helpful as you work with psychics in your life.

Some Psychics Are Not Accurate

At the same time, there are a number of psychics who are not able to tap into the greater consciousness.  They might believe that they can and simply aren’t doing all that they can to be successful, or they might just be trying to make money without having a real skill to sell.  Fakes are around, but that isn’t the norm.

What you might want to keep in mind too is that some psychics may be telling you things that you don’t like, which might make you think they are lying to you or that they don’t know what they’re talking about.  If you are worried about false psychics, check to see how much experience they have and ask for a free reading to see whether they can help you feel more at ease.  When you begin to feel like something isn’t right about your reading, you may be right, so stop the reading and find someone else.

Some of the Reading Depends On You

When you ask the question if psychics are accurate, you need to understand that in the end, psychics only give you a part of the answer you’re looking for.  You will also need to listen to the answer in order to decide whether or not you agree.  And in some cases, you might not want to hear what they are saying, which can lead to being tempted to point out that the fortune teller is lying.  But let the information sit in your heart for a few days to find out whether it does indeed make sense.  You may be surprised by what you learn when you listen to a psychic.  Be open to the reading you get and ask questions.  You need to be an active part of the process, as well as the questioner.

With psychics, you can begin to access a greater expanse of knowledge that you can on your own.  Psychics are able to show you answers which no friend or relative might be able to show you.  In getting this other opinion, you will be able to make changes in your life or see whether you are on the right track to happiness already.

Finding a Real and True Psychic

How to find a real psychic

In today’s modern age of technology and communication, it has become quite easy for those who wish to locate and speak with a respectable psychic. Also, due to the evolution of people’s views and beliefs on what’s taboo as well as the ever-growing new age phenomenon, professions such as psychics have become quite numerous and common as well as accepted and respected.  Knowing this as well as all of the ways one has to find and divulge information, you can really optimize what you have at your fingertips, such as the internet, yellow pages, etc.

You can lie all of your options out and discover what psychic is definitely for you as well as who is the greatest bang for your buck per se. However, there is also a downfall to this simplicity because although there is a larger, more accepted market for psychics needing customers this means there are going to be a lot of scams, fakes and “flops” filling the cracks between those who are great at what they do and those who, well aren’t. You will need to know exactly what kind of psychic you require, whether it is someone who can contact the dead. Luckily for you, you can use the following tips to help you find that one real psychic who is not only 100% legit but who is the absolute best match for you.

Where to Find a Real and True Psychic?

Like all career choices, those who live in a large, populated city will have more choices of true Psychics to choose from, so be sure to check the phone book, internet, or newspaper as well as browsing through the local New Age magazines or shops. Being able to find a reputable and real psychic who is located near you is not only convenient, but it can also help you decide first hand what is the best option for you as you can go meet with the Psychic beforehand and get a judge of character.

The majority of true psychics will allow a free face-to-face arrangement, so the two of you can gain a feel of one another and see if there is a better option out there. When you do this, be sure to use your instincts, study their body language if there’s something that doesn’t feel right, then keep looking.

True professionals will have their own standards of what clients they take in; they just won’t take in any Jack or Jill who walks in dirty off the street. They may even act snobby, which is fine; at least you know they really care who their clientele is. You should also check on their “fan base”, are they a critically acclaimed psychic who is known for their amazingly spot-on readings? How long have they been in business, the longer, the better? Do the research and find any feedback you can on the person because any professional who has been in business awhile should definitely have feedback whether it is negative or positive. Ask family, friends, and even acquaintances if they have ever seen a psychic and what their recommendations are.

Signs of a Fake Psychic

Signs of a Fake PsychicCan a Psychic read your mind? The answer is simple: no, they cannot! Those who have dreams of getting a Psychic to make their greatest dreams of Wealth and Prosperity come true are often the prime targets for the devious Fake Psychics that sadly populate the world. The Modern Age of technology and communications allow us to be able to locate and meet with many genuine Psychics who are honestly trying to help others while making a living.

However, that same blessing has made it easier for those who are nothing but big fat phonies to scam, lie, cheat and steal people’s hard-earned money who have become part of the many who believe the fictitious statements such as Psychics being able to read your mind. Below are some sure signs of psychic phonies and what you should and shouldn’t do.

Signs of Psychic Phonies

Pay Attention! Use Common Sense: As you speak to the Psychic, make sure you read between the lines as you converse back and forth. Whatever you do, pay special attention to whatever comes out of their mouth. The majority of phonies can be exposed as easily as just listening to them. Those who are a fake will often use classic sayings that apply to nearly every single human being on this great planet. They will say things like “I am getting a strong feeling that you have lost someone you hold dear” or “Sometimes you do not feel as confident, and you doubt yourself”. Watch their eyes and eye movements, are they watching your every move and playing off of your body movements and emotional reactions? Are they making you complete a questionnaire, or are they asking you a million questions?

True Psychics will not ask or need hundreds of personal information and will only require basic information to do a real reading.  Remember, fakes will play off of others’ emotions by saying things that will apply to most people and then make the person believe that what they are doing is paranormal, which in reality is nothing but guessing games and simple detective work.

Guaranteeing Results

No Psychic will ever guarantee results as doing so is a common no-no amongst psychics, and those who will can be proven to be fake. Psychic abilities are really like any other abilities, and sometimes success is not guaranteed, especially since you are working with different individuals. The common statement that Psychics are not lamps or light bulbs is simply true as they cannot just be “switched on”. Sometimes it takes multiple readings or sessions to make a breakthrough such as contacting a lost one while there are times when it never happens. They also cannot make anything happen, such as removing a curse or making someone fall in love with you because what they do is read the psychic energy around us. Just remember a true Psychic will not guarantee anything they say but will try their best.

Don’t share Sensitive Information

Never ever give out sensitive information: If a psychic asks you for information such as for your Social Security number, do not under any circumstances give out sensitive information such as this. A true Psychic will never need these kinds of information, and if someone does ask for this info and they call themselves psychic either hang up the phone or walk away and fast!

The main thing is to use common sense and to pay attention to it. Use your instincts and do your research, and most of all, be safe and smart because true psychics want to help you, not hurt you!

The Costs of a Reading from a Real Psychic

Be sure to never pay outrageous amounts for a psychic reading. The majority of readings should not cost an arm and a leg as real psychics who are a legitimate business want more customers, and so they know that overcharging them will drive most people away because people of all types of life need psychics. Some may cost more than others, but it is highly advised not to spend an insane amount on your first reading.

Professionals will know that you are skeptical due to a large number of scams and fakes that populate the market, so they should be willing to work with you on your first reading. So even if an acclaimed psychic is quite pricey, they should be able to work with you on your first session so you can gain trust. Some will even give what is called a “free run,” which is where they will do a quick reading in person to show that they are who/ what they say they are.

Just be sure to research, research, and research! Listen to your instincts, use common sense, be patient, and, most importantly, have fun while you are doing it.


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