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This home blessing takes it’s cue from rituals used by the Indigenous people of North America. Choose the night of a full moon to do this house blessing.  It is best done at 4:00 in the afternoon your time wherever you are in the world.  This is because this is an hour that equates to matters that have to do with your home.

This blessing also requires that you buy a bundle of sweet grass or a sage of sweet grass and sage at a metaphysical supply store. If this is not possible you can bundle sage together and burn it on a small dish and carry it around with you or you can simply use sage incense.

You use a lighter to light the sage because matches contain sulphur.  Sulphur can also bring bad spirits that you don’t want to your home.

Ingredients for the Home Blessing

  • Lighter
  • Sage bundle or sage incense or sage

How to Do the Home Blessing

Take a shower and then stand naked in the center of your home. Light the sage bundle carefully and then go to the center point of your home.

Face East and say:

Spirit of Love breathe Understanding into this house

Face South and say:

Spirits of  Ease breathe Wealth into this house

Face West and say:

Spirits of Joy, breathe Happiness into this house

Face North and say:

Spirits of Health, breathe Peace into this house

Take a deep breath and meditate on the good things that will happen while you live in this home.

Meditate until the flame burns out.

The Benefits of a Home and House Blessing

A Home Blessing and its powerful forces can not only bless your home, but protect it  from flooding, burglary, fire and demolition. You will be able to enjoy living in your home, safe in the knowledge that the house, and you and your family are safe from evil and harm. The protective shield that the magical powers of this spell will put around your house, will last for all of the time that you own it.

The house blessing ensures that your home will receive all blessings and protection upon it.


2 thoughts on “Home Blessing

  1. Kate says:

    Yeah, I would say this is pretty important that you stand naked. Mainely because you want to show that you are open to new beginnings and that you are one with the earth. And, yeah you can take a bath… it does not matter which form of cleansing you do.

    Hope this was helpful : ))

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