Get Over a Loved One

This spell helps you gently release the person you love so that you can move on and attract someone new. White and pink colors are used to keep the purity and innocence that was once originally part of your relationship. It will help you drop resentments and focus mainly on the good things that have happened during your journey through life together.

Start this on the night of a new moon and slowly go through the spell every day for the next two weeks.  Make sure the candles you use are tall tapers that can last twelve to fourteen days.

For the Spell to Get over a Loved One you will need:

  • Your picture
  • His or her picture
  • Pink candle
  • White candle

How to Cast the Spell to Get over a Loved One

Put your picture under the white candle and his or hers under the pink.  Light the candles for nine minutes and then put them out.

The next evening move your candle and picture a bit further away from yours.  About an inch every day is good. By the end of the two weeks your two candles will be burnt out from being lit for nine minutes every day and they will be over a foot apart from their original position.  This symbolizes the two of you moving on, separating and finding your own direction in life without hostility or jealousy.


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