Balance Your Relationship Spell

This interesting ritual uses Tarot cards to help you balance out the energies that affect your relationship.  It uses the cards in the Cups suit of the Tarot to symbolize the bringing of love into your life.

Tarot cards are normally used to help you to write a happy script for the future for yourself.

The spell will balance the energy within your relationship, negative energies will be removed and positive energies will be attracted. A spell such as this one is of great help for relationships that have a lot of ups and downs.

For the Spell to Balance Your Relationship will need:

How to Cast the Spell to Balance Your Relationship

Do this spell at midnight on the night of the Full Moon.

Take the Ace, Ten, and Two of Hearts out of a brand new deck of Tarot cards. Anoint each with orange, patchouli or rose oil (or commercial love drawing oil. Bind them together with a green pink or red ribbon and place beneath your mattress.  This will help you retain harmony in all aspects of your relationship. Re-annoint the cards every full moon to recharge the spell.

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