True Friendship Spell

It can be hard to find anyone you really trust these days. This is why a true friendship spell might be useful.

We all need someone we can trust.  This spell uses sympathetic “wishing” magic to try and manifest the perfect person for you into your life.

It will attract a positive, trustful and honest person into your life to build a true friendship with you.

For the True Friendship Spell you will need

  • One pink candle
  • Ornate picture frame
  • Orange paper
  • Gold colored marker
  • Orange oil

For this spell you will need an empty picture frame into which you have inserted an orange piece of paper. On the paper you will write the words Best Friend in your best penmanship with the gold marker.

Anoint the candle with orange oil and light it with a lighter. Visualize how you might be a good friend to someone else.  Think of yourself as cultivating all of the traits and qualities that you want in a friend, in yourself. This is the best way to raise your vibration to attract the friend that you want as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Say the following:

My wish is simple and my heart is true

Bring me a friend that is loyal and new

By the power of three times three

Bring this friend to me….

Prop the orange picture frame in front of the candle. Let the candle burn down to the stub.  Dispose of the stub under a new young sapling.


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