Santeria Seduction Spell

This Santeria Seduction Spell appeals to the Santerian Goddess Oshun for assistance.  You ask for her help when it comes to being seductive and attractive to the one you desire.

This Goddess must be fed regularly with alcohol and sweet confections. Her colors are yellow and pink so if you want to strengthen the power of this spell wear those colors for several days after you do it.

The sugar and honey in this spell makes sure that it stays sweet and the element of coconut prevents it from spinning out of control from seduction into obsession.

For the Santeria Seduction Spell You will need:

  • A coconut
  • Five different types of hard liquor
  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Pink and yellow ribbons
  • Pink candle

How to Cast the Santeria Seduction Spell

This spell must be done on a Friday night.

Smash the coconut in half.  Pour out the coconut water of one half of the coconut and add five different types of hard liquor, honey, molasses, white sugar and brown sugar.  Add the remaining coconut water and then place the two halves of the coconut back together. Tie the coconut with pink and yellow ribbons and place it in front of a pink candle. Leave the coconut in front of the burning candle for five days. Ask the Goddess Oshun to allow you to seduce the one you love.

Thank the Goddess Oshun and discard the coconut in the river.


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