Natal Chart and Birth Chart

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A Natal Chart (also known as a Birth chart, horoscope, natus, geniture, radix, genethliac chart) is a chart that shows the positions of the planets of the zodiac during the time of ones birth. It is a map of the universe with you or the person of interest in the center of the chart. The chart is circular in nature and has 12 divided sections that show the position of the planets, the moon as well as the sun. These 12 sections are called the houses. Some astrologers will even acknowledge fixed stars, asteroids, minor planetary bodies and other mathematical points and angles. Charts will also show other celestial objects which are all referred to ones planets and are defined by the houses and the astrological signs.

How a Natal Chart or Birth Chart is Created

Each chart  considers the details of ones birth such as the time and place of your birth, as well as the latitude and longitude and of course the date of birth. The exact time of your birth is often referred to as “your first intake of air”. The majority of the charts you will see are based on Planet earth (Geocentric) and the Interpretation of the chart is where the astrologer will build a picture from the chart which shows your personality, characteristics, and traits.

There are two main phases of chart interpretation:

  • Chart Weighting
  • Chart Shaping

The two will note the distribution of the signs, houses and the zodiac, comparing it to your personality to see if it has any significance. Shaping evaluates the placement of the planets and processes to find any significant patterns between them.

What a Natal Chart Can do for You

Natal Charts are an amazing and unique way to discover hidden personality traits of yourself or a person of interest. It is the basis of a complete horoscope that is quite detailed and mystic in nature. Due to the fact that the planets, the moon and the sun are in constant motion around our planet Natal Charts are not that easy to create and it takes comprehensive astrological knowledge to create and interpret a birth chart correctly.

With the alignment of the planets as well as the Zodiac signs, the Natal chart will create a mystic combination for each person making everyone’s chart completely unique and their own. This not only makes the charts detailed and customized to ones own self but it also makes them extremely fun to take part in. It sheds light on the mystery that astrology, space and the universe tends to have on us.

How to Get a Natal Chart or Birth Chart

You can get a free natal chart through automatic software calculations such as the one that we have provided below. While they are helpful and give you an idea of what your natal chart is and how it looks like, it is in no way as comprehensive as the ones you can get from a professional and skilled astrologer.

Where to find an Astrologer for Birth and Natal Charts

Though you can find adverts of astrologers in your town courier or newspaper you will often find these to be almost “wacky” in their predictions and will tend to feel far less connected with you or that it has much of a prediction. However if you find one who is quite skilled or famed for their background in astrology then the alignments and predictions you will receive will feel much more accurate and relevant.

Years ago this might have been a much more difficult task but luckily now in today’s age with access to the World Wide Web one has many options of astrologers and chart makers. Once you find a site or chart maker that you like, you will need to give them the above information about your birth and you will probably have to pay a small fee. However with all of the information about Natal Charts and astrology available right at your finger tips it is quite easy to obtain the instructions on how to make your own Birth Chart but do keep in mind that it requires a significant amount of knowledge regarding astrology to properly erect a Natal Chart. Once you have mastered the secrets of the Birth Chart you can then share them with friends, family members, coworkers and anyone else you may come into contact with.


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