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The Rising Sign also known as the Ascendant is a sign of the Zodiac that ascends on the eastern horizon that is seen from ones time and place of birth. It is considered to be the face that others see for the first time when they meet you. It is the automatic response method of your brain and personality.

The Ascendant sign gives information about your traits that can be  obvious to others or those that are looking at you, and are harder for our self to notice. Astrologers believe that the Ascendant gives information about your true personality and nature. Someone who has the same sun sign but a different ascendant will behave differently then someone who is the same sun sign and shares the same ascendant. Planets are modified by their ascendant.

The Meaning of your Ascendant

Aries on the Ascendant

Those who tend to move too quickly without thinking of all of the possible outcomes or events, moving from thought to thought with an almost aggressive nature that is often very competitive and even impatient. Once an idea comes into their head, they will begin immediately not wasting even a second of time. Often their enthusiasm is great but their impatient nature can lead them astray, not finishing what they started before moving on to the next idea. Their competitiveness means they want to win in all that they do and are labeled as independent even though they are very attached to loved ones.

Taurus on the Ascendant

The Taurus rising are those who are lovers of all that is great in life, the lovers of leading a good life per say. They love having great materialistic items, they like good sex as well as having a good home to call their own. Being quite affectionate they are also graceful while having a generous amount of stamina. They are quite cautious as they like to carefully plan each step that they take.

Gemini on the Ascendant

Labeled as the Jack of all trades they are extremely curious, always wondering and thinking on how things work and about why people are the way that they are. They absolutely love intermingling with others, asking questions, learning and exchanging ideas with those around them, getting a feel of who they really are when they are dealing with others.

Cancer on the Ascendant

They are sensitive and gentle, often being described as the nice girl/guy or as the guy/girl next door because they are so sympathetic and emotionally friendly. However, their shy nature also makes them the easy target for emotional abuse. Being ruled by the moon, they are also very protective over others as well as themselves. They are shy but can also be very moody as well, tending to separate themselves from others, drawing into their own recluse world.

Leo on the Ascendant

They will fill you with such a warm feeling as they are known for their kindness as well as being generous. A very loyal friend to others which causes them to be quite popular as does their courage. However they can be quick to anger due to their temper but overall they will remain loyal to friends and loved ones forever.

Virgo on the Ascendant

They have a tendency to worry quite a lot when they are presented with something new and uncommon to them. They are also very body aware being sensitive to any discomforts or signs that their body sends off so they are rather picky about their food and about keeping their body healthy.

Scorpio on the Ascendant

One of the strongest and most felt presences of the ascendant signs as they make their presence known to others and are not to be pushed around or taken advantage of. They are very determined and are often unnoticed due to their loud nature which makes other signs either love or hate them.

Libra on the Ascendant

Libras come across as nice people and are known to be very fair and pleasant to be around. They are very persuasive and have a hard time turning off their charm. Even if what they say doesn’t match their actions, they always act like a good person.

Capricorn on the Ascendant

They have an unmistakable and unnoticeable seriousness to them mainly due to being very image conscious. They are very family oriented. Success is no easy feat for a Capricorn to obtain but they push through and make it as the majority of all Capricorns are successful but only because they had to work hard to truly earn and obtain it.

Sagittarius on the Ascendant

Sagittarius is restless, being very active and on the go people. They have very strong and open opinions about every single thing no matter how little or how big it is. They have an undeniable willingness to keep a strong and chipper sense of humor.

Aquarius on the Ascendant

They are those who have seen it all, ones who are never shocked no matter what is said or done. They get along well with others and are quite likeable even though they feel like they are different, on the outside looking in. They can be very stubborn and inflexible, set on their ideas and opinions.

Pisces on the Ascendant

They are easy to please as they will go with the flow, moving along with others if it pleases them. They appear to be a creative artist yet their opinions and personality can blend into those that are around them, making them quite easily influenced. They are very open not having any hard driven plans for their future or even for today.


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