The Meaning of your Ascendant or Rising Sign

Ascendant and Rising Sign

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What does the Ascendant or Rising Sign say about you?

The Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendant, is a sign of the Zodiac that ascends on the eastern horizon that is seen from one’s time and place of birth. It is considered to be the face that others see for the first time when they meet you.

It is the automatic response method of your brain and personality.

The Ascendant sign gives information about your traits that can be obvious to others or those that are looking at you, and are harder for our self to notice. Astrologers believe that the Ascendant gives information about your true personality and nature.

Someone who has the same sun sign but a different ascendant will behave differently than someone who is the same sun sign and shares the same ascendant. Planets are modified by their ascendant.

Aries on the Ascendant

Aries on the AscendantThose who tend to move too quickly without thinking of all of the possible outcomes or events, moving from thought to thought with an almost aggressive nature that is often very competitive and even impatient. Once an idea comes into their head, they will begin immediately, not wasting even a second of time. Often their enthusiasm is great, but their impatient nature can lead them astray, not finishing what they started before moving on to the next idea. Their competitiveness means they want to win in all that they do and are labeled as independent even though they are very attached to loved ones.

Mars, the planet of war and sex appeal, is its ruler and makes the Aries Ascendant a confident and strong personality.

The Aries Ascendant sees its world through the eyes of a competitor, a leader and a maker. He is constantly on the move and likes to put ideas into action immediately.

The Aries Ascendant makes a bold and strong impression on his fellow human beings. He withstands great resistance himself and gets what he wants. Due to his intransigence, he can come across as dominant and imperious. He doesn’t let anyone say anything, he prefers to set the tone.

Aries Ascendant in Love and Relationships

Those with Aries on the Ascendant Aries are considered the Don Juans or Femme Fatales when in love. Since their self-confident demeanor looks extremely attractive to others, they conquer sympathies and hearts by storm. However, the Aries Ascendant only engages in a relationship if it has caught him properly. But even then, he still needs a lot of freedom and independence.

In a relationship, the Aries Ascendant sets the tone just as in everyday life. It is important for him to look like the alpha animal, especially from the outside. The feeling of wearing the pants gives him sovereignty and security. But you shouldn’t put up with everything. Otherwise, he will lose respect.

Strengths of the Aries Ascendant

  • Courage
  • Self-confidence
  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Humor

Weaknesses of the Aries Ascendant

  • Egoism
  • Recklessness
  • Impulsiveness
  • Domination
  • Stubbornness

Taurus on the Ascendant

Taurus on the AscendantThe Taurus rising are those who are lovers of all that is great in life, the lovers of leading a good life per se. They love having great materialistic items; they like good sex as well as having a good home to call their own. Being quite affectionate, they are also graceful while having a generous amount of stamina. They are quite cautious as they like to carefully plan each step that they take.

Venus is its ruler and makes the Taurus ascendant a gentle and sensual contemporary.

The Taurus ascendant looks at his world with prudent, meek eyes. Like his animal namesake, he prefers to take it easy, but can also get going if you want to annoy him.

He is in no hurry, he seems to have all the time in the world. This has an extremely pleasant effect on his fellow human beings since they don’t feel pressured by him. His down-to-earth and reliable character and his relaxed charisma are important basic ingredients of his recipe for success.

Taurus Ascendant in Love and Relationships

Although he is meek, the Taurus ascendant is not shy. His ruler Venus made him a friend of physical pleasure and a sensual connoisseur. He believes in great love and can only let himself fall if he really loves. He also appreciates the stability and security that love offers him.

The down-to-earth Taurus ascendant places great value on common interests and values in his treasure. The Taurus dislikes a partner who is always on the go and never wants to be at home. He wants someone who is domestic and sensual at the same time and who wants to build a house and start a family with him.

Strengths of the Taurus Ascendant

  • Reliability
  • Enjoyment of life
  • Quiet
  • Gentleness
  • Calm

Weaknesses of the Taurus Ascendant

  • Bigotry
  • Convenience
  • Persistence
  • Inflexibility
  • Hedonism

Gemini on the Ascendant

Gemini on the AscendantLabeled as the Jack of all trades, they are extremely curious, always wondering and thinking about how things work and about why people are the way that they are.

They absolutely love intermingling with others, asking questions, learning, and exchanging ideas with those around them, getting a feel of who they really are when they are dealing with others.

Its ruler is Mercury. This not only gives the Gemini ascendant charm and talent for rhetoric but also makes him the most inquisitive ascendant.

The Gemini ascendants view the world through the eyes of a moderator. They are always right in the middle of the action, have a good connection to their fellow human beings and always have a few exciting tips or funny anecdotes ready.

Mercury, the planet of knowledge and language, makes the Gemini Ascendant the most eloquent and mentally alert ascendant of all. Language and communication are his strengths.

Gemini Ascendant in Love and Relationships

The Gemini ascendant has no particular type. Anyone who is intelligent, charming, and friendly has a potential opportunity with him. He quickly falls in love, especially if his counterpart smells good – the air sign has a weakness for scents. But his enthusiasm is often not more than a flash in the pan. He rarely falls in love head over heels, because he is too much of an intellectual.

Once you have managed to get a Gemini ascendant into a relationship, you should give them a lot of freedom. He doesn’t like too much attachment at all, nor does he like people who expect something from him that he is not willing to give on his own.

However, the Gemini ascendant is passionate and loving towards a partner who respects his desire for independence and who is also intellectually competent.

Strengths of the Gemini Ascendant

  • Eloquence
  • Charm
  • Humor
  • Agility
  • Happiness

Weaknesses of the Gemini Ascendant

  • Nervousness
  • Fidgeting
  • Clumsiness
  • Superficiality
  • Flightiness

Cancer on the Ascendant

Cancer on the AscendantThey are sensitive and gentle, often being described as the nice girl/guy or as the guy/girl next door because they are so sympathetic and emotionally friendly. However, their shy nature also makes them an easy target for emotional abuse.

Being ruled by the moon, they are also very protective over others as well as themselves. They are shy but can also be very moody as well, tending to separate themselves from others, drawing into their own recluse world.

The moon not only determines the tides and our calendar but from an esoteric perspective it is also the ruler of our emotional world – and of the ascendant cancer.

The cancer ascendant looks at the world from protective and at the same time fearful eyes. The profound cancer ascendant has both motherly and childlike traits. In Greek and Roman mythology, the sun is male and represents power and strength, while the moon (ruler of cancer) is female and represents femininity and feelings.

Cancer Ascendant in Love and Relationships

It is as stormy as the Ocean in October and, at the same time, romantic as a mountain lake in March. The Cancer ascendant is both passion and peaceful, and he also wants both from his partner. He longs for love and security, for an absolute union with his great love and for a harmonious home.

Outwardly, the Cancer ascendant also likes to behave romantically and show everyone around him how much he loves his partner. However, he is very sensitive and reacts to disappointments deeply offended and with withdrawal.

The soulful Cancer ascendant is a loyal, faithful, but also a passionate partner. He has something maternal: he likes to look after his sweetheart, is very tender and sensible. At the same time, however, he also takes on the part of the child who longs for safety. Fear of loss and insecurities bother him more than other ascendants.

When fighting, he behaves like a child: he is quickly offended and sulks when he feels neglected or wrong. His black-and-white thinking can become a challenge for the relationship: sometimes he hovers on cloud nine, sometimes he questions everything in the partnership and would like to throw in the towel. That is why he needs a strong, reliable partner who cannot be irritated by such moods.

Strengths of the Cancer Ascendant

  • Helpfulness
  • Profundity
  • Motherly
  • Compassion
  • Emotional intelligence

Weaknesses of the Cancer Ascendant

  • Moodiness
  • Melancholy
  • Pessimism
  • Sensitivity
  • Anxiety

Leo on the Ascendant

Leo on the AscendantThey will fill you with such a warm feeling as they are known for their kindness as well as being generous. A very loyal friend to others, which causes them to be quite popular as does their courage. However, they can be quick to anger due to their temper, but overall they will remain loyal to friends and loved ones forever.

His ruler is the sun, which helps him to move into the right light. The lion ascendant likes to be the focus. But he is not an egomaniac, he has a big heart for his fellow human beings.

The lion ascendant sees the world through the eyes of a father, a head, a creator. Lion Ascendants was born with acting talent.

They appear confident and proud. However, with the Ascendant Lion, this is often just a show: he reacts quickly, unsettled if the desired admiration fails to appear.

Leo Ascendant in Love and Relationships

People born with Leo on the Ascendant love passionately and fiery, but are also warm-hearted and loyal. They love skin and hair. Like its animal namesake, the Lion Ascendant likes to hunt and accordingly flirts aggressively. But he also likes to rest when he has found the right partner.

The Lion Ascendant looks at his world and his loved ones from an active role. He is a doer, a leader. He is reluctant to remain passive; he wants to participate but runs the risk of overwhelming his fellow men and women with his fire. He wants unconditional admiration and absolute loyalty from his partner – but he returns the same thing in return.

Strengths of the Leo Ascendant

  • Warmth
  • Strength
  • Self-confidence
  • Generosity
  • Altruism

Weaknesses of the Leo Ascendant

  • Tough
  • Narcissism
  • Arrogance
  • Domination
  • Proud

Virgo on the Ascendant

Virgo on the AscendantThey have a tendency to worry quite a lot when they are presented with something new and uncommon to them. They are also very body aware of being sensitive to any discomforts or signs that their body sends off, so they are rather picky about their food and about keeping their body healthy.

His ruler Mercury gives the Ascendant Virgo intelligence and vision and makes him an ingenious analyst.

The Virgo Ascendant looks at the world like a physicist: analytical, ingenious, inquisitive.

His mindsets the tone. Just like the Virgo zodiac sign, the ascendant is orderly and thoughtful. He has analytical, researching eyes. He divides what he sees into ready-made categories. He is uncomfortable when something exceeds his expectations because he likes to be prepared for everything.

Virgo Ascendant in Love and Relationships

Not every virgin ascendant is looking for love; some feel most fulfilled without a partner. The virgin ascendant is demanding when looking for a partner. Only someone of equal intellect gets a chance.

Some virgin ascendants find it difficult to open up emotionally, and so it often takes a long time before feelings arise. If you want to conquer a Virgo’s heart, you need perseverance and patience.

The virgin ascendant does not like to show weakness, which is why he prefers to hide problems rather than make a big fuss about them. He keeps his feelings to himself, which can pose a challenge for his partner. The positive thing about his calm nature is that problems can be discussed objectively with him. So his partner should address it openly if he has something on his mind.

In a relationship, the Virgo Ascendant likes doing things together. He particularly likes trips with cultural or culinary value.

Strengths of the Virgo Ascendant

  • Industriousness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Pragmatism
  • Care
  • Helpfulness

Weaknesses of the Virgo Ascendant

  • Pettiness
  • Perfectionism
  • Intolerance
  • Prudery
  • Arrogance

Libra on the Ascendant

Libra on the AscendantLibras come across as nice people and are known to be very fair and pleasant to be around. They are very persuasive and have a hard time turning off their charm. Even if what they say doesn’t match their actions, they always act like a good person.

Its ruler is the Venus, which not only makes the Libra ascendant a particularly beautiful, but also the most graceful ascendant in the entire zodiac.

The Libra Ascendants view the world and themselves primarily from the eyes of their fellow human beings.

They think a lot about how they work in the world instead of letting the world work on themselves. People who were born in the Ascendant Libra have a friendly and charming nature, delicate charisma and a coherent sense of fashion.

Libra Ascendant in Love and Relationships

Those born in the Ascendant Libra need love like the air to breathe. They are addicted to confirmation from others, but above all, from the person they admire and love.

The Libra Ascendant regards his partner as the measure of all things. He gives him admiration, loyalty, and recognition – but that is what he wishes for in return. As a partner, the Libra ascendant is open, tolerant, and always strives for harmony.

There are no taboos, even with sensitive issues, a satisfactory solution can be found – at least satisfactory for the other because the patient Libra ascendant is happy to accept the short cut.

Strengths of the Libra Ascendant

  • Charm
  • Sensitiveness
  • Diplomacy
  • Adaptability
  • Tolerance

Weaknesses of the Libra Ascendant

  • Missing backbone
  • Self-love
  • Craving for admiration
  • Anxiety
  • Fickleness

Scorpio on the Ascendant

Scorpio on the AscendantOne of the strongest and most felt presences of the ascendant signs as they make their presence known to others and are not to be pushed around or taken advantage of. They are very determined and are often unnoticed due to their loud nature, which makes other signs either love or hate them.

His ruler Pluto makes the Ascendant Scorpio a strong personality and a passionate fighter.

The Scorpio Ascendant looks at the world with suspicious eyes. He wants to learn as much as possible about it without having to reveal anything about himself.

The zodiac sign Scorpio tends to pessimism and black painting and to take life too seriously. In the Scorpio Ascendant, this pessimism is part of its mysterious facade. He is unapproachable and only lets a few people approach him.

Scorpio Ascendant in Love and Relationships

The attractive scorpion ascendant is extremely popular with the opposite sex. He is quite exhausting in the relationship because he never forgets anything, especially if something negative happens to him. He likes to point out misconduct over and over again. He needs a feeling of total closeness. His strong intensity is also evident in the eroticism, which he fully enjoys.

In a relationship with a Scorpio Ascendant, trust is the be-all and end-all. The worst thing you can do as a partner is to abuse his trust. You should also avoid playing with his feelings or making him jealous.

The Scorpio Ascendant needs the feeling of being the strong part of the relationship. His partner should appreciate that he is the rock in the surf for him instead of resisting.

Strengths of the Scorpio Ascendant

  • Determination
  • Charisma
  • People skills
  • Intelligence
  • Passion

Weaknesses of the Scorpio Ascendant

  • Aloofness
  • Striving for power
  • Mistrust
  • Vindictiveness
  • Spitefulness

Sagittarius on the Ascendant

Sagittarius on the AscendantSagittarius is restless, being very active and on the go people. They have very strong and open opinions about every single thing, no matter how little or how big it is. They have an undeniable willingness to keep a strong and chipper sense of humor.

Its ruler Jupiter, the planet of happiness and growth, makes the Sagittarius Ascendant the lucky one of the zodiac.

The Sagittarius Ascendant looks at the world through the eyes of a world improver and revolutionary.

The lively and enthusiastic nature of the Sagittarius ascendant is infectious. He is good-natured, energetic and extremely sociable, which also makes him very popular. As easily as he is enthusiastic about something, he is serious about his enthusiasm.

Sagittarius Ascendant in Love and Relationships

People who were born in the Ascendant Sagittarius need a lot of freedom in love. A pendant is best suited, which is just as adventurous and enterprising as the Sagittarius himself and also open to new suggestions.

To win him over for a long-term relationship is a challenge because the ascendant Sagittarius is driven by an enormous urge for freedom. His dynamic nature quickly feels constricted and overwhelmed. You should, therefore, give him a lot of freedom and never make important decisions without him, because that triggers his need to escape.

In the relationship itself, he always surprises and inspires his partner with small adventures and spontaneous gifts.

Strength of the Sagittarius Ascendant

  • Adventurous
  • Optimistic
  • Passionate
  • Wanderlust
  • Generous

Weaknesses of the Sagittarius Ascendant

  • Unrealistic
  • Superior attitude
  • Restlessness
  • Pleasure seeking
  • Impatience

Capricorn on the Ascendant

Capricorn on the AscendantThey have an unmistakable and unnoticeable seriousness to them, mainly due to being very image-conscious. They are very family-oriented. Success is no easy feat for a Capricorn to obtain, but they push through and make it as the majority of all Capricorns are successful but only because they had to work hard to truly earn and obtain it.

Its ruler is Saturn – the planet of reason, logic, and the future – and makes the Capricorn ascendant a reason-oriented workaholic. The Capricorn Ascendant conquers the world with hard work and tenacity.

The Capricorn ascendant appears shy and reserved, especially at a young age. He wants everything, just not to be noticed, neither negative nor positive. His correct and ambitious demeanor is almost legendary within the zodiac. It defines itself through its success. First work, then pleasure.

Capricorn Ascendant in Love and Relationships

As expected, the Capricorn ascendant is also quite cool and reserved in love, at least to the outside world. Behind closed doors, depending on the zodiac and moon signs, he can also be very romantic and passionate.

A long-term partnership, ideally in the form of marriage, is ideal for the harmonious, down-to-earth earth sign. As tough as the Capricorn ascendant appears to be on the outside, deep down, he is fearful and longs for security and support. He invests a lot in his relationship and always strives to be an equal partner.

Only when duty calls, love may get neglected. Many Capricorn ascendants are married to their work.

Strengths of the Capricorn Ascendant

  • Ambitious
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Reasonable
  • Secretive

Weaknesses of the Capricorn Ascendant

  • Perfectionism
  • Pride
  • Enjoys to criticize
  • Rigor
  • Status-oriented

Aquarius on the Ascendant

Aquarius on the AscendantThey are those who have seen it all, ones who are never shocked no matter what is said or done. They get along well with others and are quite likable even though they feel like they are different, on the outside looking in. They can be very stubborn and inflexible, set on their ideas and opinions.

Its ruler Uranus – the planet of surprises and innovation – makes the Aquarian ascendant an eccentric of the zodiac.

The Aquarian Ascendant looks at the world through the eyes of an explorer and a world improver.

The Aquarian Ascendant is friendly and open but always remains non-binding. His freedom and independence are far too important to him. This is the only way it can develop freely and reach its peak form. The adventurous Aquarian ascendant is always good for a surprise.

Aquarius Ascendant in Love and Relationships

The Aquarian Ascendant is just as lively in love as in any other area of life. Conquering his heart, however, is no easy task. In relationships, he works above all on the mind-level, he is friendly, but generally quite distant – in the main part to avoid jeopardizing his own independence.

If you want to win him over, you shouldn’t get too predictable, and always provide a surprise.

People who prefer to plan in advance are poorly advised with a partner who was born in the Ascendant Aquarius. For him, love means spontaneity and adventure. The lively free spirit is wild and adventurous. Together with his partner, he is doesn’t mind to be seen as the craziest, funniest couple.

He is very active, especially likes to travel and likes to try new things. The more unusual and dangerous a sport, the more exotic and distant a travel destination, the better. His partner should be able to keep up.

Strengths of the Aquarius Ascendant

  • Creativity
  • Humor
  • Individuality
  • Receptiveness
  • Sociability

Weaknesses of the Aquarius Ascendant

  • Arrogance
  • Stubbornness
  • Moodiness
  • Unrealistic
  • Bigotry

Pisces on the Ascendant

Pisces on the AscendantThey are easy to please as they will go with the flow, moving along with others if it pleases them. They appear to be a creative artist, yet their opinions and personality can blend into those that are around them, making them quite easily influenced.

They are very open, not having any hard-driven plans for their future or even for today.

His ruler Neptune – the planet of dreams and visions – not only gives the Pisces ascendant creativity and imagination. It also makes him extremely sensitive.

The Pisces Ascendants look at the world through dreamy eyes. Just as compassionate as the Pisces Ascendant is with his fellow human beings, he can be just as sensitive.

He assumes that everyone should be as courteous and sensitive as he is, and is disappointed when he is instructed otherwise.

Pisces Ascendant in Love and Relationships

The Pisces Ascendant is made for love. Hardly anyone loves as devoted and sensual as he does. With Neptune as a drawing planet, love from the Ascendant Pisces is also romanticized and idealized. This makes it difficult for the vulnerable Pisces to get to know someone who corresponds to this ideal.

Even his shy, easily vulnerable nature does not make it easy for him on the flirting front. In addition, despite his dedication, he always needs the opportunity to withdraw.

If he is in a relationship, the Pisces Ascendant is sensitive and very understanding. However, he never surrenders completely, even if it may seem that way. He needs the feeling that he has a back door open and withdraws periodically into his personal bubble, to which a partner has no access.

The Pisces Ascendant tends to idealize his partner and make himself emotionally dependent on him. This, of course, makes him vulnerable and exposed. In addition, he is so addicted to harmony that he prefers to simply ignore conflicts instead of clarifying them.

Strengths of the Pisces Ascendant

  • Sensitiveness
  • Intuition
  • Helpfulness
  • Fantasy
  • Empathy

Weaknesses of the Pisces Ascendant

  • Sensitivity
  • Dependence
  • Fragility
  • Unrealistic
  • Idleness

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