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Elements of Magic and the Zodiac

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There are 12 Zodiac signs which are divided into the four elements of life, which without life would never be possible. The elements of the zodiac are Fire, Water, Air and Earth and every one of them has special characteristics that are completely unique to the 12 astrology signs which they are based on. Even ones personality traits can be significantly influenced by the astrology signs and the essential elements of the zodiac which help one discover characteristics and traits they never knew they had. Whether it is Fire or Water or Earth or Air, it does not matter because all four of the elements must cooperate, and work with one another in order for the balance of life to continue. Astrology and the Zodiac signs are the same way, every single star and planet to every single Zodiac sign has to work together in this infinite universe, balancing their own self with that of others in what is know as the game of life.


Zodiac Element of Fire SignsFire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Many see fire as destructive from disastrous raging forest fires on to the horrible house fires that are all seen on the news and the goodness of fire that sparks life is often underappreciated or taken for granted. Fire can do massive amounts of good, such as feeding or keeping entire families warm but as listed above due to fires combustible and unpredictable nature, it can cause unimaginable damage and harm hence fire must be handled with care and control. The Fire signs are much the same way as they all require very careful and precise control and care in order to truly be beneficial and rewarding.

Aries: The dynamic sign, it represents fire in its purest form.

Leo: The median fire sign, which loves attention and resembles the sun as they radiate dependence and grandness, making their presence known.

Sagittarius: The bottom part of the fire which is the thinker of the Fire, the one who is creative and full of philosophical ideas. The most gentle of the fire signs.


Zodiac Element of Water SignsWater Signs

Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Whether water is acting as the aid to life by refreshing and hydrating one who is thirsty or it is full of mystery and danger such as the depths of the dark ocean. Water signs are very complex in all aspects, mentally and emotionally. They are the explorers, those who seek out everything flowing like water. They are also one of the best elements for dealing and experiencing other people. They are very caring, helpful, thoughtful and empathetic though they are oversensitive and can be hurt easily by others.

Cancer: The first Water sign representing water in the most pure form. Being genuinely concerned with all others as well as very helpful and nurturing; however, when outraged and unleashed they are like a dam breaking.

Scorpio: Full of an intense energy that if not properly contained and controlled can be devastating and can wreak havoc. The Scorpio needs all forms of control, especially self control but once they have control they are unstoppable.

Pisces: The last Water Sign, which represents the small stream flowing one way or the other meaning they are very open and flexible. They are charming, mysterious and mystical and out of all the Zodiac signs, is the most spiritual.


Zodiac Element of Air SignsAir Signs

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Air must be free, free to roam and grow or else they become bored and stale. It is also unpredictable as it can go from a calm breeze to a horrendous tornado. It is the most needed and necessary element. Air people are completely mental oriented and advanced in thinking though a bit out of touch with reality and with emotions. Caught up in their thoughts, thinking non stop like air they will rise into higher depths of thinking and consciousness where no other element can go.

Gemini: The first air sign as is the furthest flier and the heaviest much like a twister. Nearly impossible to stop and slow down as they are constantly on the move, searching for that special something, somewhere, or someone.

Libra: The air that is breathed and needed to breathe, the air that brings life and harmony. They are very peaceful and like air they touch the lives of all those around them.

Aquarius: The last air sign and the one who flies the highest above them all. The air that circulates around the entire planet and that has the power to change can knock down all barriers. The most advanced thinker of the Zodiacs thinking of evolution and the advancing of mankind, though very erratic and very unpredictable.


Zodiac Element of Earth SignsEarth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth is the foundation of all life on this planet and of where everything is built and structured upon. They are some of the most structured and solid people you can meet, what you use is what you get. Dependable and are always there for you. However they are not fond of change in anyway as the Earth does not change it allows growth and evolution but it does not change. The most materialistic and possessive and also like stability as they are the most stable of all the elements and signs

Taurus: The first earth sign, and is also the strongest and most stable of them all. Though they are stubborn in nature and have difficulty with change. They are searching for happiness while searching for harmony with their earthly sensuality and are extremely wise dependable and nurturing.

Virgo: The middle sign which dwells in the middle of the earth. They are indecisive while they live in their “own world”, thinking and observing with quick precision. They are flexible, quite stable and helpful being the least physical of Earth signs.

Capricorn: The lower earth, the depths of the ground. It is the most basic form of the earth. Made up of various elements and sides, they take up interest in many different things. They are mysterious and deep thought they can be depressed and dark, having a difficult time reaching happiness due to being so serious.


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