Change Friendship to Love

You have felt love for your friend for some time now, though you didn’t know what to do about it. They seem to not notice you are there and they seem to not even care that you love them more than a friend. But you can see in their eyes, sometimes, that they feel something more too.

With this free Spell to Turn a Friend into a Lover you can awaken the love they have for you and you can turn an ordinary friendship into an extraordinary romance. The energy of love is already there, it just needs a push to get started.

What you will need for the Spell To Change Friendship to Love

  • 3.5 ounces honey
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 3 sugar cubes
  • 4 teaspoons powdered henna
  • 13 kernels of whole pepper
  • 3 yellow rose petals
  • 1 raw egg
  • Green ink
  • A chicken feather
  • A piece of yellow and black fabric or cloth
  • Wooden bowl or ½ coconut shell

How to Cast the Spell to Turn a Friend into a Lover

Write your name and the name of your friend on the shell of the raw egg with green ink.

Take the wooden bowl or coconut shell and place the following ingredients in it while you concentrate on your friend:
3 ½ ounces honey, the raw egg on which you have written, 3 fresh mint leaves, 3 sugar cubes, 4 teaspoons powdered henna, 13 whole pepper kernels, 3 yellow rose petals

Cover the bowl or coconut shell with the piece of cloth.

During dusk, go to a river or creek and throw the bowl or coconut shell into it.

Afterwards, say the following:

I hereby offer you, Holy Queen of Rivers, what you asked of me. Now I ask you, Holy Queen of Rivers, to do the same for me.

Repeat 2 more times.

After saying the it for the third time, remain at the river and step in place, 7 steps. Think about your friend, and the love spell will begin to work.

Benefits of a Spell to Turn a Friend into a Lover

With love spells you will have the tools you need to change your relationship. By tapping into the energy of your love, you will find your friend immediately understands how you feel and will reciprocate your feelings. No longer will you wonder if they feel the same way you do, you will hear them tell you that they love you too and this can be the beginning of an even more beautiful friendship – a friendship which connects to another person on the soul level.

We all make friends from the time when we were infants. Sometimes as we grow up this friendship turns into something more, but our friend does not realize it. The friend treats us as always and because it has always been like this. This is one of the most complicated constellations in the love department. All of us are reluctant to disclose our feelings due to the fear of rejection. We don’t want to be rejected so we struggle whether to tell or not. Especially when you know this person since a very long time and he or she has become very valuable to your life… is it worth risking the friendship?

That’s why these love spells are so popular because they work behind the scene and they will never hurt the friendship and respect that you have for each other. Once the magic is in motion there will be a change in the behavior and you will see sensual overtures in how she or he is treating you.


One thought on “Change Friendship to Love

  1. Sandra Demaine-Wilson says:

    Im interested in doing the turn a friend into a lover spell. Does it really work? How long should you wait before you try it a sceond time?

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