Casting Santeria Spells

Santeria spells are considered to be a part of Afro-Caribbean magic. The history of its origin goes back to the time when the African slaves were brought to Cuba, and took the help of magic spells to come out of sufferings and despair from their personal life. This is a powerful form of  Magic and can be performed to get the desired results related to love, power, money etc. Nowadays, many people in United States, South America and the Caribbean have become devotees of the Santeria spells, in order to bring in prosperity and wellness to their lives. The origin of  Santerian magic was in the Yoriba region of Africa. The results of these spells are fast and more effective than any other magic spell, in the sense that they produce quicker results.

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How Santeria Spells are Cast

These Santeria spells are performed either by you or by a priests who perform secret rituals to call upon the Gods to grant one’s wish. Each ritual performed is unique in its own way and designed for a specific wish or request, like love, power, wealth, property etc. Thus, if you are in need of urgent relief from pain and despair you can turn to Santeria spells to make your life turn into a peaceful one. However, there is a dark side to Santeria, which should be taken into consideration before performing the rituals.

Typically, the rituals used in casting the Santeria spells vary with the needs of the spell seekers. With answers ready to every problem faced by the followers, the practitioners perform the ritual by trying to appeal to their ancestors and Gods, called the Orishas. These priests possess immense knowledge of the ritual and ceremonies to be performed and the words to be recited from the teachings transferred from their ancestors through the word of mouth. Acting as the intermediary between the supreme power and the spell seekers, these Santeria priests strive to make the ritual a success through animal sacrifices and other acts. The animal sacrifices, known as the Ebo, also differ with the outcome expected by the spell seeker.

The Role of Santeria Priests

Santerian priests are the ones who perform this form of magic; they are believed to call on the messengers of the all-mighty to get their help. Every ritual involved in Santeria is known to be unique and is formed making use of a wish or a request. This cannot be replicated. These secrets of Santeria spells have been passed down from one generation to another for centuries and were originally brought about from the Yoriba regions of Africa. These rituals are honored and conducted in awe by all those individuals who have witnessed amazingly effects from the spells.

The Santeria priests make use of candles in their rituals similar to the Catholic Church in their prayers and offerings. The candles hold a significant power in the rituals with the position and movement of the flame closely observed to identify the probability of the performance succeeding. The candles are deemed to force their way into the spiritual world from the physical world, creating immense power to the magic performed. Thus, the candles, according to the Santeria belief, can lure the energy towards the priest and the request put forward by him to the supreme power.

A primary part of the Santeria spells is the practice of spiritual bathing and cleansing which is an ancient practice of performing rituals. People from ancient times had a firm belief that the bathing rituals would bring prosperity, love, luck and happiness to them. Besides, bathing with magical scented products can help in relieving oneself from negativity and despair as followed by the ancient people. The Santeria magic spells also follow these principles.

The Powers of Santerian Spells

The magical supremacy possessed by  Santeria spells has also held the people in awe. It is considered to offer lightning results in a few instances, depending on the uniqueness of the problem faced by the spell seeker. Through the assistance of the Santeria priests, the Gods blessings are demanded to ensure the granting of the spell seekers’ wishes. The Santeria spells may take advantage of its powers to bend the mind, body and soul of the target, forcing it to move in the desired manner expected by the spell seeker. There have been many instances where its love spells have succeeded to enter into the soul of the target, making him respond in the desired manner.

However, this willful manipulation of the mind, body and soul has not met the appreciation of the white witches who perform their rituals according to the three-fold law. With the Santeria spells manipulating the targeted individual through the adoption of the spirits, it has to be performed with great care and caution to prevent it from backfiring. A wrong step taken by the spell caster can cause the spells to rebound at the spell caster as well as the spell seeker.

The Santeria spells hold immense capacity to create a long binding outcome. This is one of the reasons why the Santeria practitioners demand the spell seekers to make sure of the need for the spell before performing the ritual. For example, an effort to win the love of another has to be attempted after ensuring one’s feelings for him. A feeling of lust or infatuation should never be mistaken for true love. So, to conclude, believe in your feelings to make the Santeria spells work for you.


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