Finding Spells to Find a Lost Item, Missing Pet, or Missing Person

Psychic Spell to Find a Lost Item

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The loss of an item or person can be mortifying. Especially when it is an item or a person that is important to us. A wedding ring, wallet, keys, or even worse, a beloved pet or loved one.

How Finding Spells Work

By casting these psychic finding spells, you will be tapping into your own supernatural powers to locate a lost item, object, people, and pets. You don’t have to be born with paranormal or psychic abilities to uses these spells. The finding spells will open your mind and your third eye so that you can pick up on energies, vibrations, or pictures, that help you determine what happened to the missing item or person, and to be able to locate it. Once your mind and third eye have been opened, you can identify a situation, see what happened in the past, find an item or person in the present, and even see the future of the individual or object.

Gypsy Psychic Spell to Find a Lost Item

This chant is an old gypsy one that can help you find a lost item. It is essential that you focus very intently on the lost item and picture it as vividly as possible.

You use two mirrors in this spell because mirrors have cleansing energy as well as the ability to see through things, including the past.

The two attached mirrors can act as inner searchlights to help you see what may not be reflected in your mind’s eye.

For the Spell to Find a Lost Item you will need:

  • Two mirrors
  • Transparent tape

How to Cast the Psychic Spell to find a lost item

Tape the mirrors together, so the backs of them face each other. Wrap the tape securely around the mirrors nine times.

Hold the mirrors between your clasped hands in the prayer position.  Focus and ask the powers that be to help you find the thing that you lost. Keep focusing until you cannot keep it up any longer or until you remember where you lost the object.

Simple Spell to find an Object

Losing personal items is easy, it is finding them again that is difficult. Misplacing our car keys, forgetting where we put our glasses or where we sat our cell phone happens almost daily. If you are a parent, you know that kids lose their things all the time. If you have lost an item and cannot seem to find it no matter where you look, then try this simple spell. This spell is best cast on a Wednesday during a full moon.

Spell ingredients:

  • 1 white candle
  • Compass
  • Map (you can use any other symbols that represent a search such as a pendulum)

To cast the Spell to find an Object:

It is not necessary to cast a circle before performing this spell.

Hold the compass and map and visualize the lost item in your mind.

Light the candle and repeat the incantation:

Lost is lost and found is found

Around the corner silent peeking

Turn the tables round and round

Show me that which I am seeking

Snuff out the candle when you are finished.

Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you to the lost item. Or simply wait as many times it will turn up soon after the spell is cast.

Spell to find a Missing Person

In times of such distress and worry, you may not have the power, nor the energy to cast an elaborate ritual. You will ask the Egyptian Goddess Isis for secret knowledge, assistance, wisdom, and power by offering her some milk, honey, and flowers.

What you will need for the Spell fo find a Missing Person

  • Sea Salt
  • White Candle
  • Carving tool or
  • Picture of the Missing Person
  • Milk, Honey, and Flowers
  • Small Plate or Bowl

How to Cast the Spell to find a Missing Person

Begin the ritual by carving the missings person’s name into the white candle. Place the candle on your altar and put the picture in front of it. Light the candle and think of the missing person. Take some sea salt and draw a circle around the candle with the picture. This way, you ensure the disappeared person’s safety. On a small plate, arrange her offerings. You may also light some incense for her.

Let the candle burn for 13 minutes and speak the following incantation 13 times.

Au-Set you incredible magician

Your powers are needed for this mission

With Milk, Honey and beautiful Flowers

I ask for all your powers

Please find the soul that disappeared

and let my prayers be heard

Let them be found

without a single wound

Show me the finding path today

and I’ll be on my way

Au-Set you incredible magician

Your powers are needed for this mission

Once you are done snuff out the candle. At sunset bury the offerings in the ground and thank Isis for her assistance. This spell should be repeated daily until the white candle has burned out, or the missing person has been found.

Spell to find a Missing Pet

This spell will assist you in finding a missing dog, a lost cat, or any other pet. You will be seeking the guidance of the Goddess Yemaya and ask her for hidden and secret knowledge. For best effects cast this spell in the waning moon phase, or on a Saturday. But if time is of the essence, then do not wait and cast it right away.

What you will need for the Spell to find a missing pet

  • Black candle
  • Blue candle
  • White candle
  • Small plate
  • A seashell or other saltwater motifs
  • Some Pomegranate and Watermelon
  • Flowers
  • Picture of your pet

How to cast the spell to find a missing pet

Put the picture of your pet in the center of your altar and surround it with the three candles. You may also add some of their hair, a toy, or anything that is associated with the missing pet. The black candle goes on top, the black candle to the left, and the blue candle to the right. Light the candles and think of your missing pet. Arrange some fresh pomegranate, watermelon, and the flowers on the small plate and place it on your altar. Make it look appealing, Yemaya is picky. She also likes seashells and all other saltwater motifs, if you have some available also put them on your altar.

Focus on your pet and chant the following seven times:

My dear beloved pet

Not have I found you yet

May you be safe and sound

Until you’ve been found

Yemaya Goddess of the Oceans

I ask with deep devotion

Please help me find what I hold dear

As my will, so mote it be.

Let the candles burn out completely. Once the candles burned out, take all the remains, including the fruits, put them on a paper plate or container and release them into ocean, river, lake, creek, or any other body of water. Make sure to thank Yemaya for her assistance. You may repeat the offerings and chants on the following days until your pet returns.

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