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Spell to Remove Doubts

The color gold is a royal color. It symbolizes earthy blessings, high self-esteem and connection with the higher self.  A lit gold candle can be a powerful tool to help you remove your doubts about an issue as well as help you increase your self-confidence in life. Bay leaves are herbs that convey honors and […]

Get Over a Loved One

This spell helps you gently release the person you love so that you can move on and attract someone new. White and pink colors are used to keep the purity and innocence that was once originally part of your relationship. It will help you drop resentments and focus mainly on the good things that have […]

Spell to Heal a Broken Friendship

This is sympathetic magic.  Two small pink candles, placed on a mirror, burn down and therefore symbolically reverse a bad situation. It is highly effective when you have lost a friend and wish them back. This is a way of asking forgiveness and also turning back time. The photograph placed face down on the mirror forces […]

Spell to Mend a Broken Heart

There is no worse pain than a broken heart. A healing spell to mend a broken heart can help to let the pain subside.  There is no reason to live with an aching heart, sleepless nights, teary and swollen eyes and depression.  When someone decides that he or she does not want to continue the […]

Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

To suffer from a broken heart is painful and affects all areas of life as we are not able to focus on anything else but the broken heart. You may wonder why you should cast a spell to heal a broken heart and what it will actually do. Once the magic is in motion it will attract […]

Health Protection Spell

This healing spell is a blessing and gives the body more connection with the spirit.  The pine incense is a purifying element and so is the salt. The water carries psychic energy in the flow from the mind to the body. The sandalwood incense in this spell is also protective from evil spirits and also […]

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