Pregnancy Protection Spell

If you are pregnant and do not want to lose a child your first step is to make sure that you are medically healthy. Keep all of your appointments and do not do any activities that may threaten the well-being of the child.

There is no force more protective than a mother’s natural love for a child.  This spell is symbolic of the protection and love you feel for the child.

Use a crocheted square of fabric made out of a yarn you are not allergic to. It may be pink for a girl, blue for a boy, yellow for neither or white.

For the Pregnancy Protection Spell You will need:

  • Crocheted square of fabric in pink, blue, yellow or white

How to Cast the Pregnancy Protection Spell

Sit alone in a quiet room and think of your child. Lay the crocheted cloth over your belly.

Imagine your child protected, nurtured and invulnerable to anything bad in the universe.

Remove the cloth and put it in a special place when you are done meditating.

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