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Change Friendship to Love

You have felt love for your friend for some time now, though you didn’t know what to do about it. They seem to not notice you are there and they seem to not even care that you love them more than a friend. But you can see in their eyes, sometimes, that they feel something more too. […]

Jealousy Spell

Creating jealousy is black magic. Still others say that there can be no sexual attraction in a relationship if there is not some small element of jealousy there. This is a special spell that involves the use of lipstick. Choose the lushest, reddest sexiest lipstick you will find to help give the spirits the message […]

Ignite the Energy of Romance

To ignite the energy of romance you will be making your own passion powder. These powders are made out of herbs and flower petals and sprinkled in places where romance must take place. The energies that radiate from the powder will introduce romance, passion, desire and lust into your relationship or marriage and can be […]

Voodoo Desire Me Spell

This is a Voodoo Desire Spell.  This ritual uses candles that suit the dual purpose of being effigies or poppets.  These are also commonly known as figure candles. You can buy these types of Candles, usually called Adam and Eve Candles at an occult store. Tonka beans, which are white beans that jump around when […]

Spell to Draw Love to You

This is completely decadent magical bath and is designed to draw love to you. First of all you should know that there are commercial chocolate bubble bath preparations out there on the market, but they can be somewhat hard to find in some areas. Instead mix yourself up a little glass of chocolate milk. The […]

Spell to Make Someone Think of You

This spell is designed to make the person think of you as often as possible. The energies released by this spell will enter the person’s mind and will cause them to think of you, to long for you and to miss you. The red candle is for passion. The two orange candles are for fun […]

Full Moon Spell to Draw Your Crush to You

Few things are more romantic than strolling with your lover beneath a beautiful full moon.  We all dream of the exhilaration of falling in love.  If you wish to make someone fall deeply in love with you, use this powerful full moon spell when the moon is full.  It is important that you perform this […]

Make Someone Dream of You

This is a quick dream spell using pink and white birthday candles. You burn the candles down while thinking positive thoughts and sending good energy towards the dreamer. This kind of magic is known as sympathetic magic. It is best to do this spell while the person in question is having a nap or late […]

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