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Santeria True Love Spell

When you want to cast this Santeria Love Spell is it highly beneficial to understand what Santeria is. Santeria arose in Africa among the Yoruba tribe many centuries ago.  Since then, the closely guarded secrets of this Santeria love spell have been passed down only by word of mouth through its priests and priestesses.  It […]

True Love Spell

Most people search years and years to find their true love. But why wait all that time when you can cast a true love spell to bring your love right to you. Many people spend years looking for true love between their circle of friends, former lovers, blind dates and even on dating services.  When […]

White Magic True Love Spell

This spell will enable you to attract true love using the divine guidance of white magic. As you begin to utilize the powerful energies of this True Love Spell to find your perfect love, ask yourself what 3 characteristics you most value in a mate.  Kindness?  Passion?  Generosity? As you do this, remember that white […]

Soulmate Spell

Peacock feathers are magical ritual objects. The eye in the center of the feather indicates the Third Eye. The feathered part of the peacock feather symbolizes the ability of the soul to fly and find your soul mate. Many stores sell peacock feathers as ornamental objects. It is not recommended that you pluck a feather […]

Wiccan Love Spell

You can use this Wicca love spell to find true love if you are willing and open to unleashing your own innate mental abilities in your search for true love. This spell will work by tapping into the elemental powers of Nature and removing any mental blocks or negativity that you may be experiencing in […]

New Moon Love Spell

Moon magic is an ancient and potent magic that is based on powerful lunar energies.  This new moon love spell can help you to find true love if you perform it at the night of the new moon, so it can properly harness the power of the moon and its energies.  The new moon will […]

Spell to Draw Love to You

This is completely decadent magical bath and is designed to draw love to you. First of all you should know that there are commercial chocolate bubble bath preparations out there on the market, but they can be somewhat hard to find in some areas. Instead mix yourself up a little glass of chocolate milk. The […]

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