Working With Wiccan Spells

Magic has always fascinated people for centuries, being practiced by different faiths and beliefs that have passed down spells from one generation to the next. Wicca is one such faith that is based on nature. To Wiccans, who are followers of the faith, everything in the universe is sacred, which is why they only indulge in benevolent magic. Wicca spells are an integral part of their religious belief system. Often, Wiccans use the word ‘magick’ instead of ‘magic’ to distinguish themselves from common stage-performed illusionary tricks.

Pure White Magic Spells

Wicca spells are only cast as white magic, the pure form of magic. Spirit, Earth, air, fire, and water are revered and respected elements of worship in Wicca, and play a predominant role in wicca spells. Wiccans believe that casting harmful spells will harm nature, which is why they cast spells only with good intentions and follow the Wiccan Rede which states, “do what ye will, harm ye none.” Wiccans also comply and respect the ‘Law of Three’ which means that whatever you desires from a spell are can come back to you three times more powerful.

Our Free Wiccan Spells

The tenets of Wiccans are based on moral and wise teachings, giving everyone the opportunity to learn to respect nature and live a harmless life.

How a Wiccan Spell is Cast

Wiccan spells involve the use of simple tools like candles, wiccan tools, oils, herbs, crystals, and incense. Every tool has a particular significance in a ritual, for example: white candles are used for good luck, for most love-related issues, pink candles are used, for money spells, green candles are the best to use.

Since Wicca spells involve the release of positive energies, it is important for a person casting a spell to be free from any negative thoughts. It is important to stretch on the fact that negative energy can block a spell from working effectively. The most important ingredient in any Wicca spell is love, which comes from the practitioner, as well as an open heart – together they form the success to spells. The basis of Wiccan witchcraft is that ‘like attracts like’, so you need to be focused on positive thoughts and desires.

The Importance of the Moon

Wicca spells are cast at specific times which often depend on the cycle of the moon. Wiccans turn to a chosen God or Goddess for strength and guidance to cast spells. Whoever believes that Wicca has something to do with satan is misinformed. For the most part, they disregard everything to do with satanism.

When to Use Wiccan Rituals?

So if you are looking for pure magic that works then Wicca spells could be just what you are looking for. Rituals are usually held in a sacred circle that is meant to protect the spell caster from any outside interference. You can join a Wiccan coven in your area to learn more about the faith and the art of spell casting. As long as you plan to help others benefit from a spell you have every reason to go ahead and fulfill your dreams and desires without the need to harm anyone.


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