Why Some Love Spells Can Fail

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Love spells are probably the most sought after spells that people wish to cast or have cast on their behalf. As a human it is a requirement and need to be loved. The need for companionship and love is next after the need for shelter and food. However, the big question here is why love spells sometimes fail, do not work, or go wrong.

It is important to stretch on the fact that just because love spells are so popular doesn’t mean that they can’t fail. They can fail just as any kind of spell can fail. Although, fortunately for you, there are methods you can use to prevent your love spell from failing.

Following are seven points that will help you understand why love spells sometimes don’t work and what you can do about it:

You have the Wrong Expectations

Firstly, love spells fail based on the fact that people expect too much. Magic is indeed powerful, but it has limits. You cannot force someone that hates you to love you, these spells work by amplifying latent attraction and by eradicating blockages, obstacles and barricades. If that attraction is not present, then it cannot be forced. Over time, barricades can be brought down, but there is only so much that magic can do. Being realistic in your spell’s ambition can prevent problems. Also, if you want a person who has never met you to fall in love with you, you are just going to be disappointed as this is unrealistic. There is required to be a connection between two to begin with. No matter how brief you have met, it is mandatory for any love spell to work. The same applies to same-sex couples, if your loved one has a different sexual orientation no spell will ever be able to change that.

The Will of the Universe

Magic spells are not really guaranteed, if the spell does not work then maybe it is not meant for you and nature and the universe have different plans in store for you.

Proper Preparation and the right Tools

You should have the right tools if you want to perform the ritual; every spell has a set of tools to be used. Make sure the spell ist cast on the correct day or in the proper moon phase. Use correct ingredients, or if you need to substitute an ingredient make sure that it doesn’t have an adverse effect. Another common failure is that people don’t fully prepare the spell in their rush to get it done. Love spells need to be prepared meticulously and with a precise eye for detail that accounts for everything. If you haven’t checked that everything is set up in the correct way and that all the objects, materials and ingredients are in place, you cannot realistically expect your spell to work. Provided you check everything over, the spell has a good chance of success.


Also, lack of belief is an issue. As with any other spell, you must believe completely in your power for the spell to work out. If you don’t believe, it simply will not work. If you believe that the person you are trying to entice with the spell is unattainable, then they will be. This can easily be solved though, simply by you believing that you can get what you want.

If you have the slightest doubts in the magic and do not believe in the same there is no point in performing the love spell.

If you have hired a spell caster, you must have faith into them and trust in the powers of nature and the universe.

Stalking or Harassing your Loved One

Obsession is a big barrier to a love spell. Once you have cast the spell, try not to dwell your mind on it too much. If you continue to fixate and obsess over your spell, then this introduces negative energies to the manifestation of the spell, which only interferes with the way that it works. If these negative energies continue to appear, the spell is doomed to fail. Meditation can solve this as it helps to cleanse and empty the mind.

You cannot stalk or harass the person you love, since it is excessively intimidating, and will have an adverse overall effect.

You got a Bad Spell or Were Scammed by a Spell Caster

The most prominent reason why love spells can fail is that the spell you have cast was never real. There are people out there who regularly and routinely scam people with their fake spells. The only way you can really avoid these fake spells is by doing lots of research and sticking with sources you know to be reliable. If you do this, your spells will be the ones that work.

You have provided the Wrong Information or Were Dishonest

If you have not provided the right information to the spell caster then do not waste time waiting for end results as this is going to only bring disappointments. Always be honest to yourself and to a spell caster. Withholding facts and accurate information is one of the main reason why love spells fail.

So, in conclusion, it is important to bear these factors in mind when considering love spells. If you think about and account for all of these factors, then your spell has the best chance of working and bringing the love into your life you are longing for. Let nature take its course and hope for the best!


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