White Witches and Spell Casters

Magic can be used for the benefit of all, a tradition which has been followed for centuries. While most white witches will tell you that magic has no color, we have both black magic and white magic at our disposal today. White magic is pure, benevolent magic that works on positive energies that are generated during the spell casting process. The simple law that positivity can only create energy that is more positive holds good when it comes to white magic. These spells have been used with great success for generations, always with a positive outcome. No spell in white magic can be cast with harmful intentions, which is the beauty of this type of magic.

What do White Witches and Spell Casters Practice?

White Witches are people, men or women, who practice witchcraft and have learned skills in the magical arts and in sorcery. Witches learn skills in casting spells, creating magic circles, conjuring spirits, evoking the power of gods or goddesses and practicing rituals. By far and away, white witches have the intention to do good and to help people by manipulating things by intent in order to make things happen.

Let’s look into the Origin of Witches; The word “witch” comes from the old English word for witches called Wiccian, which has as its derivative Wicca and Wiccan. These words basically mean to work sorcery or bewitch someone. Witches have been treated poorly throughout history, being both hated and feared, especially by Christians that associate witchcraft with the devil. In fact, Satanism is a product of Christianity itself and has nothing to do with witchcraft.

Do White Witches Cast Evil Spells like Black Witches do?

People used to worry that even white witches could cast evil spells on them and were thus afraid of them. Even so, witches have a long history, dating back to the ancient Assyrians, Hebrews, Romans, Greeks and Babylonians. They were treated better in ancient Rome and Greece, where they were used for their knowledge of herbs, the supernatural and magical potions.

A witch is called by many names. They can be called Wiccan if they practice the type of witchcraft known as Wicca. They can be practitioners of Traditional Witchcraft, which is an old English form of witchcraft that believes in the god and goddess as parts of a natural universe. They can be practitioners of Egyptian witchcraft, a type of witchcraft that originated in Egypt and which has some characteristics of both Wicca and Traditional witchcraft. Then there also Black Witches, whom only perform Black Magic and are willing to harm people.

To answer the question. No, white witches do not cast evil spells. Never!

Who do White Witches Believe in?

Witches tend to believe in two deities. They believe in the god and goddess of the earth and in the four natural elements of fire, earth, air and water. They believe in the overriding power of the Universe to control things. They use elements of the Universe in order to draw upon the power of the universe to complete spells or rituals. White Spell Casters do not believe in Satan nor do they use Satan in any part of their practice.

Witches tend to be excellent healers and to practice herbalism to differing degrees. The herbs are used in actual healing and are used as parts of spells that heal people. Herbs are used in many spells of witchcraft. This is where the term “witch doctor” came from. They are also called “cunning folk” or “sorcerers”.

Witches in History

Witches were once persecuted for their belief and behavior, particularly during the times of the Middle Ages in Europe and in pre-colonial times in the US. They were demonized and were treated as agents of the devil by Christians. For this reason, they were tried for witchcraft, and many were hanged, burned or drowned as punishment for their perceived beliefs.

White Witches in Modern Times

Most witches in modern times are also healers and believe they are themselves the mediators between the spiritual world and the regular world. They have skills similar to the Shamans of tribes from all over the world. Some traditions are believers in fairies and believe they can consort with the dead or with spirits from the other world. Most witches have strong beliefs set in nature and in natural things. They have strong feelings about the moon and its phases, the power of the Sun and the strength of the elements of the Earth. Witches usually belong to covens or similar groups of people that share information with one another and practice some magic as a group. Covens do group rituals that are designed to honor the dead, the universe or simply the earth and its bounties.

Working with Professional White Witches and Spell Casters

With everyone and everything having an energy that they shoot out into the world, almost everyone is capable of performing magic, casting spells, doing rituals and ceremonies and asking the universe and even the spirits of nature for guidance and to help make wishes come true with the help of its own energies.  Upon reaching the adolescent stage though, a lot of people “forget” about their connection to the powers of the earth and just go on living life the “modern” way.

A chosen few are lucky enough to have someone teaching them the practice of magic and witchcraft like a grandmother.  Some are so dedicated to nature and magic that they learn about the craft continuously and hone their skills as spell casters, sometimes with the help of a senior witch or joining a coven.  There are a handful of these witches and spell casters that just have a strong bond with the mystical realm, who with little effort can call to the supernatural for assistance and guidance.  White magic runs in their blood and this small group of magic practitioners are deemed naturally gifted with the craft.

The Magical Powers of White Magic Practitioners

A white witch can be referred to as a witch, shaman, spell caster, priest or priestess and by definition, these individuals are people believed to have magical powers and practice sorcery.  They become professional witches and spell casters because they take time to read about the practice, do an apprenticeship with other expert witches and spell casters, participate in meetings with a coven and increase their knowledge and skills by just performing magic.  Practice makes perfect also applies in any form of magic like voodoo, Wicca, Celtic etc.  Through the passage of time, every spell caster improves and gets better with handling magic.

The Experience of Professional Spell Casters and Witches matters!

If you ask an expert witch how long they have been practicing magic, they would usually say their whole lives or a time span that involves decades. The years that are placed in the practice of magic involve sharpening the skills of getting in touch with the earth and the universe and every part of nature.  Professional witches and spell casters have mastered and strengthened the connection they have to the powers that surround us.  By simple meditation and the closing of their eyes, they get a great sense of concentration and will that is the basic ingredient of practicing magic successfully.  They are open to spirits that are found in nature, commune with spirit guides and live in harmony with magic.  They learn and take to heart how a specific day, the phase of the moon, a color, a tool, the involvement of the four elements make magic more potent.  Every piece that goes into the practice of magic and casting spells affect power positively or negatively.  If a spell caster is not skilled, the wrong herb mixed into a potion might cause the spell to go awry.  On the other hand, a well-trained witch can increase the potency of a spell.

Where can you find professional White Witches and Spell Casters?

You don’t have to go far and wide seeking the help of a magic practitioner.  In the olden days, there is one specific person who has that connection with the supernatural that any member of the tribe or town could go to.  Their numbers dwindled when the practice of witchcraft and magic became persecuted and many of the professional witches and spell casters went into hiding.  Today, the numbers of witches, psychics, priestesses who become mediums for spell seekers to connect with the spiritual world are increasing everywhere as well as over the internet.  However, you have to be cautious because there are plenty of fake magic practitioners there too.  While it might be true that some do practice magic, they might be novices or new to the craft.


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