Voodoo Pet Blessing for Animals

St. Francis of Assisi originally began his life as a pagan and then he was converted to Catholicism. His area of providence is pets, children, the elderly, the poor and the sick.  Many metaphysical disciplines burn a candle to St. Francis of Assisi when they have a sick pet including Hoodoo, Voodoo, pagan and Church traditions.

It is easy to find a St. Francis of Assisi candle that has his image on it in a religious or metaphysical supply store. Otherwise you can use an ordinary dark green candle.

For the Pet Blessing you will need

  • A dark green candle or St. Francis of Assisi blessing candle

How to Perform the Pet Blessing

Light the candle and say the following prayer:

God Our Heavenly Father,
You created the world
to serve humanity’s needs
and to lead them to You.
By our own fault
we have lost the beautiful relationship
which we once had with all your creation.
Help us to see
that by restoring our relationship with You
we will also restore it
with all Your creation.
Give us the grace
to see all animals as gifts from You
and to treat them with respect
for they are Your creation.

We pray for all animals
who are suffering as a result of our neglect.
May the order You originally established
be once again restored to the whole world
through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary,
the prayers of Saint Francis
and the merits of Your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ
Who lives and reigns with You
now and forever.


When you are done let the candle burn for as long as you are able without letting it burn unattended.

What a Pet Blessing can Do for your Pet

The pet blessing will ensure that no harm comes to your pet. It will work its magical protection on any pet you have, and will protect them from all types of harm. This protection will last for the whole of  your pets life, and includes protection against any harmful or evil spirits. If you use this spell you will not have to worry about your pets coming to harm anymore, or about costly vet bills due to accidents or illness. You will be free to enjoy the happiness that your pet brings into your life.


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