Voodoo Ingredients and Sacrifices

There are Voodoo spells of many sorts. Since most people are on a quest for love or money (or both) it’s not a huge mystery why the most popular are love spells and money spells. Any houngan, a Voodoo priest, will tell you that the success of such Voodoo spells can depend on using the right spell ingredients. But aside from love and money spells the Voodoo religion also deals with ingredients that provide healing properties for people. Below is an overview of Voodoo spells and the importance of ingredients.

Brief History of Voodoo Spells and Spell Ingredients

In ancient times it was the forest spirits known as ‘Azzizas’ who taught Voodoo practitioners the use of scared herbs in Africa. As many of these worshipers became slaves in the New World they already had an extensive knowledge of spell ingredients such as roots, herbs, plants, natural elements and animals. They also understood the medical and alchemical properties of many of these items and used them on a regular basis. However, when it came to Voodoo spell ingredients in the New World many practitioners had to find substitutes to African plants. Instead they used native North American herbs and plants, which were readily available. In essence, over time the elements of both continents merged together to create the Voodoo spell ingredients often used today in America.

Voodoo Spells Ingredients – A Bunch of Nonsense?

Some might say that the spell ingredients used in Voodoo spells have no special properties and provide no benefit. Others could say these spell ingredients cause no effect on an individual. However, if you consider it closely, herbs and plants do have proven special properties.

For example, coffee beans and tealeaves contain caffeine, which act as a stimulant. Ginger and peppermint can help digestion and provide heartburn relief. With that said, to dismiss Voodoo spells ingredients as nothing more than nonsense is a bit hypocritical…especially if that person criticizing ‘needs’ that cup of ‘joe’ to start their day. So it can be said that many people, even in the industrialized world, turn to natural aids like roots, herbs and plants because of the reactions they have with particular ingredients.

Root Doctors and Conjurers – Who Uses Voodoo Spells Ingredients?

There are two main Voodoo practitioners when it comes to Voodoo spells and ingredients – Root Doctors and Conjurers. A root doctor is viewed much like a medical doctor – someone who can provide you the herbs and such you need for healing and preventative medicine. A conjurer, on the other hand, is one that uses Voodoo spell ingredients for both ‘good’ and/or ‘bad’ magic. When it comes to voodoo love spells or voodoo money spells, it’s the conjurer that people visit for help.

 Which Spell Ingredients are Needed for Voodoo?

To know what spell ingredients you need for Voodoo really depends on what you plan to practice – black magic and white magic. For example, dark magic spell ingredients can include slippery elm. This can be used to separate a married couple when it’s buried near their home. Another dark spell ingredient is tormentilla. Tormentilla will cause someone distress, harm and discord when sprinkled on a picture of them and place in a box. But not all love spells and money spells are created from black magic. It’s best to consult an experienced houngan to find out which ingredients will work best for the Voodoo spells that you have planned.


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