Voodoo Dolls

The Voodoo doll is one of the most recognized and yet misunderstood magical tools.  As a part of Voodoo practices, this doll is used to help bring energy to a spell and to help encase this energy until it is ready to be released.  You don’t have to be a Voodoo practitioner in order to use a Voodoo doll, but knowing how these dolls work can give you an extra tool in your magical workings, allowing you the chance to have just one more way to strengthen a spell or other magical working.  Having a physical representation can help to solidify one’s will and to help bring faster results.

What Voodoo Dolls are Not

Many people only know about what the media wants them to know about Voodoo dolls.  Most people have seen the scenes in which someone pushes a pin into a Voodoo doll’s head and something awful happens.  While the pain might not be as dramatic as some movies show, the use of a Voodoo doll is much different than it has been portrayed.  These dolls are not meant to be used to punish someone else or to cause harm.  Just as the threefold law of magic states, if you send something out into the universe, you will get it back threefold.  You do not want to send out negative energy into the universe as this will come back to you three times.  Voodoo dolls are not devices for causing pain, though they could be used for such a purpose.  Know that you want to find positive ways of incorporating the dolls into your spells.

The Connection to One’s Life Force

That said, the Voodoo doll is interconnected to the person or the image which it represents.  For example, if you create a doll to represent a person who you love, you will infuse that energy into the doll, even if you don’t do so with intention.  When you have that doll in your hand, you need to treat it with the utmost case.  While the person might not fall over if you drop the doll, their energy can be affected by any problems which happen to the doll.  You need to make sure the doll is well cared for, in a safe place, and always protected.  Because the doll is connected to the person they represent, you can use the doll to get rid of a person. Just move the doll away from other dolls that represent the other parties in the situation.  This physical separation will encourage the other person to stay away.

Using Voodoo Dolls in Your Life

There are many ways you might incorporate Voodoo dolls into your spiritual practice.  Many find them helpful when they want to focus their attention on bringing someone or something into their lives.  For example, if you want to bring love into your life, you might create a doll that represents your ideal lover.  You can then put that doll on an altar or in your bedroom in a safe place in order to bring that love closer to you physically and psychically.  You might also want to decorate the doll with things you love in order to enhance the positive energy.  Once this person comes into your life, you will untie the doll and release the energy back into the world for someone else to use.  If you kept the doll, you might continue to attract more love into your life, which is not necessary.

Voodoo dolls are helpful in allowing you to create a physical form of your goal or your desired outcome.  By taking the time to create a doll and to care for it, you will create a doll which will bring everything you want to your doorstep.


2 thoughts on “Voodoo Dolls

  1. Karolyn says:

    Someone sent me a voodoo doll to harm some one. They told me everytime I want to cause this person pain, stick a pin in any part of the doll i want to cause pain in the person. I only stuck three or four pins in it and I decided that I didn’t want to harm the person so I threw the doll in the trash can. I started to itch all over my body and I started having problems with my side. Someone told me that I disposed it the wrong way and that’s the reason I’m having problems. What can I do about this and what way I should have destroyed it? Thanks Karolyn

  2. Demarcus Jimson says:

    Any information on actually making a voodoo doll? I noticed neither this article or any other offers instructions on what i’d need to make one. I know google exists before you comment that, but I want to make one and know it has the highest chance of working. I need to know how to make one and if it matters whether or not I have something of the person or not. Can anyone help?

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