True Love Spell

Most people search years and years to find their true love. But why wait all that time when you can cast a true love spell to bring your love right to you.

Many people spend years looking for true love between their circle of friends, former lovers, blind dates and even on dating services.  When you have already tried all of these methods and they aren’t working for you, then you may want to seriously contemplate using  this true love attraction spell.

The main purpose of this spell is to bring someone of the opposite sex close to you energetically and to establish a long and wonderful relationship.

Ingredients you’ll need for the True Love Spell

  • White candle
  • Lavender Incense
  • Table
  • Paper with words that describe the characteristics of  a true love
  • The thorn from a white rose

How to cast the True Love Spell

Take the thorn, if you can’t get a thorn then it will have to be a needle or fine knife and etch the following words into the candle

All my love come to me, all my love come to me, all my love come to me

Put the candle on the prepared table and light it. Now, light the incense.

Sit and look as the candle burns and think about how life will be when that special person comes to you. Build up energy to draw that special person into your life and enter a deep meditative state.

Carry on doing this until the universe gives you the signal or your intuition tells you to stop.

Let the candle burn out completely.

Collect together the items and the melted wax and wrap all of it in the paper.

Store it away safely and wait for the results that you were hoping for.

It should not take more than a few days for your true love to enter your life.

Effects of the True Love Spell

Remember, this spell is to attract your soul mate but not to maintain an already existing relationship.  You may want to use another spell to ensure the longevity of a union. By casting this spell you will create the perfect breeding ground for an amazing relationship.  You will share a romantic and affectionate relationship right away with feelings that you may have never felt for anyone in your life.  Therefore, you will have the perfect conditions to start your strong relationship.

Additional Benefits of this Spell

The true love spell will try to protect your relationship for the entire term of your relationship.  Knowing this, you will be much more relaxed during the duration of your relationship.  You will not have to worry about your soul mate straying away from you because this spell will create an everlasting bond between you and your soul mate.


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