The History of White Magic

White magic is derived from a man by the name of Magus, who was a Zoroastrian astrologer.  He coined the word “magic” that became a part of the English language in the fourteenth century.  The word sorcery also came to the English language around the same time and the term white magic sorcerer came to be used in the English language in 1526 CE.  Belief in white magic has come and gone throughout history, depending on the amount of pressure people felt from organized religion in Europe and in the US.

The Magi and White Magic Practitioners in History

Traditionally, white magic practitioners involved a class of priests, called the Magi of Zoroastrianism.  The Magi were held in high esteem by the populace and they helped to shape the Hellenistic religion.  Both the Greeks and the Egyptians had strong beliefs in white magic.  Throughout history, there has been the belief surrounding the use of the magic circle, the use of wands and the use of other tools used in white magic.  White magic has passed down throughout the generations so that the white magic you see today is not much different from the white magic used in the ancient cultures.

The Purposes of White Magic Spells

Those who practice white magic do it to help people and do it for benevolent purposes.  They call on benevolent deities and use spells that are not intended to hurt people.  Real white magic spells are used to protect a person, bless a person or thing, sanctify something, perform healing rituals on a person, and to get into the realm of love, luck and money.

White magic spells can be simple or complex and can involve performing hexes and curses on people in order to repel a black magic curse.  White magic spells are always designed to be defensive in nature and do not ever intend to harm someone or to put someone or something at risk.

Who uses White Magic?

White magic is intended to be used in Wicca, neo-Pagan, pagan and witchcraft rituals, and have been throughout history.  Many spells came from the Book of Secrets, which lists the spells necessary for a number of purposes a witch may need in her lifetime.  Some spells are intended to be used by anyone who believes in witchcraft.  Others are more complex to cast and require an initiated priest or priestess to be able to perform the ritual and ceremonies.

White magic has always been used for breaking hexes, protecting a person from harm, healing a person from an illness, breaking jinxes and blessing a person.  There are uncrossing magic spells, spells to remove curses and white magic spells that repel evil entities and dark curses.  You can heal yourself or others from some type of illness using very simple spells and rituals.

When looking into the history of white magic and searching for spells, make sure to do so with the right intention and to use a spell that matches your needs and the outcome you are wishing to achieve. The responsibility of the spell is up to you so you want to make sure that it will yield you an outcome that you actually want to achieve. This is how white magic works and how it has worked throughout history.


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