Spell to Remove Doubts

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The color gold is a royal color. It symbolizes earthy blessings, high self-esteem, and connection with the higher self.  A lit gold candle can be a powerful tool to help you remove your doubts about an issue as well as help you increase your self-confidence in life.

Bay leaves are herbs that convey honors and accolades.  They symbolize reason, the humanities, and fine arts.

This spell is best done on the New or Full moon but it can work for you at any time.

For the Spell to Remove Doubts You will need:

  • A gold candle
  • 108 bay leaves

How to Cast the Spell

Arrange the bay leaves in a circle around the gold candle.

Meditate on your problem.

Ask for help with the doubts that you need to remove, understand or resolve in your situation.

Be patient and do this spell again and again if you must.  The answers WILL eventually come.


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