Spell to Remove Bad Luck

Removing bad luck in your life partly has to do with removing your belief that you have bad luck in the first place. Make a point of transcending any bad energy that can be sent your way.

Obeah Tree magic works well for breaking a streak of bad luck.  Trees are purifying agents that have the type of energy that grounds you.  This spell is a process spell which means that the magic is happening as you perform a specific action of gathering seven different twigs from different trees.

Ingredients for the Obeah Spell to Remove Bad Luck

  • Seven twigs
  • Bonfire

How to Cast the Spell to Remove Bad Luck

You go for a walk in the woods.  Be sure to pick up seven twigs from seven different trees.  A good approach is to pick up one willow, one oak, one chestnut, one maple, one yew and one elder.  What trees you will be able to access will probably have something to do with where you live.

Take the twigs home and burn them in a fire place or hearth.

As this happens say:

Bad Luck Be Broken

As these Words Are Spoken

Then take them to the nearest stream or body of moving water and sprinkle the ashes to get rid of bad influences forever.


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