Spell to Protect an Object

The metaphysical business of protecting an object really does depend a great deal on your ability to visualize energy and also positive results.  Protection rituals mostly involve tracing the shape of the five pointed pentagram over it to protect it from loss.

The pentagram is a form of a protective circle.  It also puts a cloak of secrecy over all actions to do with the object;  only you will be privy to where it is or what it is used for.  Others will simply forget about it.

What you will need for the Spell to Protect an Object

  • The object to be protected

 How to Cast the Spell to Protect an Object

Focus with great intent and concentration on the object.  Visualize an intense violet light emanating from your forefinger.  Trace the shape of a pentagram over the object to protect while saying the following:

With this light this is are protected night and day

You will never be lost or stolen come what may

I now invoke the power of three

Make the sign of the pentagram over the object two more times

And then say:

So Mote It Be

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