Spell to Protect a Loved One

For the Spell to protect loved ones you need to imagine them surrounded in a radiant white light.  This light has a seal through which no bad energy or evil influence can permeate.

For this you will need a photo of your loved one looking peaceful or happy.  A color photo is best because it gives the spirits more detail about the individual to be protected.  Black and white photography is associated with death.  It is also best if the photo is in a frame, preferably silver as silver summons protective spirits.

Basil is an incense that is known for it’s protective qualities.

For the Protection Spell you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Photo of loved one to be protected
  • Basil incense

How to Cast the Spell to Protect Loved Ones

Light the incense and the candle.

Say the following:

Goddess protect (name) every day

When at work or when at play

As the sleep and as they love

Give (name) protection from above

Envision a protective white light surrounding the body, mind and soul of your loved one.

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