Spell to Heal Pain

This is a very old pagan ritual that is very helpful for removing the pain of psychological and physical ailments.  It is best used for agony that seems to be caused by stress or anxiety of the mind.

The ritual uses Dead Sea salts for purification, lavender essence for calming and serenity and olive oil to court good spirits

Keep in mind that a doctor should treat all physical conditions and this type of spell is not guaranteed to help an ailment.

Ingredients for the Healing Spell

  • Muslin bag
  • Dead sea salts
  • Lavender buds
  • Lavender oil
  • White candle
  • Olive oil

How to Perform the Spell to Heal Pain

This ritual can be done any time.

Fill your muslin bag half way with the Dead Sea salts, add two teaspoons of lavender herb and one drop of lavender oil. Tie up the bag and include in your bath.

Close your eyes and feel your body soak up the healing herb, salt and oil.

Chant the following rhyme:

Aches and Pains That Are In The Way

Take your leave of me today

Agony of Body or Mind

Leave my troubles and sorrow behind

Magic power clean my soul

Make me once again healthy and whole

After the bath, write your name on a white candle, anoint with a dab of olive oil and burn it.

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