Spell for Good Health

This very simple spell uses an apple. You have probably heard the phrase – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  The spell is not only based on the idea that apples are good for you but also on the idea that they are a very old symbol of health.  They are a also a symbol of  beauty as is implied by another old cliché phrase – “She was the apple of my eye”.

When choosing an apple for this Good Health Spells make sure it is the firmest, ripest and juiciest one that you can find.

For this Good Health Spell you will need:

  • One red apple
  • Paring knife or Athame

How to Cast the Spell for Good Health

Take the apple and carefully carve your name and birthdate into the surface of the fruit. On the other side of the fruit carve a simple star.

Cut the apple in half and as you eat each half contemplate the natural star that is made by the shape of the cut apple and say the following:

May my heart ache no more

May my body not be sore

May health be with me to my very core

When you are done bury the apple core under the biggest tree you can find that is nearest to your yard or place of residence.

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