Signs of a Fake Psychic

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Can a Psychic read your mind? The Answer is simple, no they cannot! Those who have dreams of getting a Psychic to make their greatest dreams of Wealth and Prosperity come true are often the prime targets for the devious Fake Psychics that sadly populate the world. The Modern Age of technology and communications allow us to be able to locate and meet with many genuine Psychics who are honestly trying to help others while making a living.

However that same blessing has made it easier for those who are nothing but big fat phonies to scam, lie, cheat and steal people’s hard earned money who have become part of the many who believe the fictitious statements such as Psychics being able to read your mind. Below are some sure signs of psychic phonies and what you should and shouldn’t do.

Signs of Psychic Phonies

Pay Attention! Use Common Sense: As you speak to the Psychic make sure you read between the lines as you converse back and forth. Whatever you do pay special attention to whatever comes out of their mouth. The majority of phonies can be exposed as easily as just listening to them. Those who are a fake will often use classic sayings that apply to nearly every single human being on this great planet. They will say things like “I am getting a strong feeling that you have lost someone you hold dear” or “Sometimes you do not feel as confident and you doubt yourself”. Watch their eyes and eye movements, are they watching your every move and playing off of your body movements and emotion reactions? Are they making you complete a questionnaire or are they asking you a million questions? True Psychics will not ask or need hundreds of personal information and will only require basic information to do a real reading.  Remember fakes will play off of others emotions by saying things that will apply to most people and then make the person believe that what they are doing is paranormal which in reality is nothing but guessing games and simple detective work.

Guaranteeing Results

No Psychic will ever guarantee results as doing so is a common no-no amongst psychics and those who will, can be proven to be fake. Psychic abilities are really like any other abilities and sometimes success is not guaranteed especially since you are working with different individuals. The common statement that Psychics are not lamps or light bulbs is simply true as they cannot just be “switched on”. Sometimes it takes multiple readings or sessions to make a breakthrough such as contacting a lost one while there are times when it never happens. They also cannot make anything happen such as removing a curse or making someone fall in love with you because what they do is read the psychic energy around us. Just remember a true Psychic will not guarantee anything they say but will try their best.

Don’t share Sensitive Information

Never ever give out sensitive information: If a psychic asks you for information such as for your Social Security number, do not under any circumstances give out sensitive information such as this. A true Psychic will never need these kinds of information and if someone does ask for this info and they call themselves psychic either hang up the phone or walk away and fast!

The main thing is to use common sense and to pay attention. Use your instincts and do your research and most of all be safe and smart because true psychics want to help you, not hurt you!


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