School Spell for Good Grades

Brown is the color of studiousness, duty and great focus.  It puts you in a grounded, practical frame of mind.

You wear brown and light a flame on a brown candle in order to improve grades.

This school spell requires you to dress in brown from head to foot. It is best done on the date of a new moon.

If you are taking a test then it should be done on the evening of the full moon before the test

Ingredients for the School Spell

  • Brown clothing that you will dress in
  • A brown candle
  • Mint oil
  • A clean pin
  • Amethyst or sodalite (optional)

How to Cast the School Spell

Dress head to toe in brown clothing.  Dip a clean pin in mint oil.  Inscribe a big A on one side of the candle. On the other side inscribe your name and birth date.

Place the Stone in front of the candle.

Light the candle visualizing yourself getting the A grade on your paper or test.  Study while the candle burns down.  Wear brown clothing as often as possible in the next few days.  Wearing mint oil also helps the magic stay with you while you study and carrying the Stone will enhance your success in tests, exams or other important matters.

The Benefits of School Spells

Typically, school spells can be used to address just about anything that causes you to receive lower grades than you want. For example, if you are bored with a class, you can cast a school spell that will cause the class to become more interesting. In a similar way, you can request good luck on exams, increased focus while in class, and good luck with papers when you cast a school spell.   If you are casting this type of spell on behalf of a child, you should always monitor the situation carefully so that you can make changes as needed.

During the process of casting the school spell, it might help to have some object on hand that can be used to create a talisman. This may include using stones dedicated to complex mental pursuits such as amethyst and sodalite.  When casting the school spell it is also very important to be confident of your ability to learn as well as use information in ways that demonstrates your mastery of any given topic.


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