The Santeria Religion and its History

Santeria is a system of beliefs, rituals, and practice that was common among African slaves who used it to bring relief to their problems. The beliefs are derived from a combination of Native Indian, Roman Catholicism, and African traditions. Santeria is popularly known as Yoruba in Cuba where traditions are maintained by Yoruba priests and priestesses who were slaves during the end of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Slaves grouped together to form secret societies to practice their traditional religious beliefs, targeting people who were often converted to Catholicism under duress. Their gods or Orisha were referred to by the Spanish word, Santos, which is why many outsiders called their religion Santeria, meaning The Way of the Saints.

The Practice of the Santeria Religion

The practice of Santeria included the casting of santeria spells. Prior to 1886, Santeria was practiced in Cuba in secrecy. Their practices were not recognized by the Spanish authorities, passing several legislations to limit the frequency of religious rites on the plantations, which were disguised as ‘drum dances’. The Yoruba were civilized people who took deep pride in their history and culture.

Orisha and Saints in the Santeria Religion

Santeria involves interaction between the universe and humankind through intermediaries called the Orisha or saints. They are described as divine forces with human characteristics. Much of Santeria religious beliefs have been identified with popular Catholic Saints, where both religions believed in the miraculous powers of the Saints and venerated them. Africans had a greater number of Saints compared to Cuba. From a religion initially dismissed as pure witchcraft and sheer entertainment for slaves, Santeria became increasing popular among Cubans, African-Americans, and Latin-Americans. The santeria religion is used as a support system and mechanism for dealing with stress by many.

The Followers of the Santeria Religion

Followers of the faith need to have deep knowledge about the rites and follow a strict regimen. There are different stages of initiation that involve various rituals. However, you do not need to become initiated into Santeria in order to benefit from it. Santeria love spells are available for to everyone outside of the religion. The principle behind Santeria magic is that it is based on knowledge of the Spirits who can be invoked to better peoples’ lives.

Santeria Love Spells

Santeria love spells invoke Oshun the Orisha of love, maternity, and marriage. For Santerians, Oshun is considered the “unseen mother present at every gathering”, and is believed to be omnipresent and omnipotent. Oshun represents the force of harmony which manifests as beauty, love, and ecstasy.

Santeria love spells can be customized to suit individual needs. They are popular since they produce fast results as they have great powers to counteract negative forces. These spells harness strong positive forces that creates a greater spiritual energy needed to secure your love life. These spells can be used to eliminate any negativity in a relationship, bring back a loved one, heal a broken marriage, and even ensure eternal love. Santeria love spells can destroy any infidelity in your relationship and has the power to make your partner more physically attracted to you.


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