Santeria Compared to Voodoo

Voodoo and Santeria

Voodoo, meaning Great Spirit, has its origins in Africa. Practitioners of voodoo believe that one god rules the universe and has a number of smaller deities known as Loas, each dealing with different aspects of human life. Voodoo spells are performed to gain the blessing of the Deities and Loas and call upon their help to solve problems. When African slaves were taken to South America, many of them continued to practice voodoo, which took on different forms including Santeria, practiced mainly in Cuba and the Caribbean.

Introduction to Voodoo Spells

Voodoo spells involve ceremonial rituals that include dancing, music, and chanting. Among the prominent tools used in these rituals are voodoo dolls. They are made from twigs, vines, and leaves, and are usually crafted by a priest or priestess. The spell begins with the practitioner chanting and meditating during the process of crafting the doll, giving it an identity. The doll is anointed with oil and the spirit on whom the spell is cast is invited to inhabit the doll. For example, if a person is ill, then the spirit of the ill person is called upon to manifest in the doll.

It is believed that voodoo spells were created out of necessity where different nomadic tribes in Africa had no access to a healer when a person fell ill. A message was sent to a healer who would then create a doll to perform healing rituals by using magic. The powerful nature of these spells made some people misuse the practice and use it to harm others, giving it a bad name among many critics including missionaries. Voodoo spells emphasize much on the physical being, using items such as nails, hair, and blood in their rituals. Often, mud from the graveyard is used in a bid to take the assistance of the dead person’s spirit to carry out voodoo spells. Voodoo spells can be used to strengthen a relationship, return a lost love, and enhance the compatibility between partners. They are used to attract money, to enhance the success of a business and career.

Santeria and how it is Different from Voodoo

Much of Santerian beliefs are derived from voodoo. Since Spanish authorities did not allow voodoo and other similar practices to flourish in South America, many continued to do so in secrecy, often disguising their rituals in various forms. On the surface, Santeria features plenty of Roman Catholic beliefs where saints are revered and are a medium through which God can be approached. Santeria spells involves invoking the power and protection of several Orishas or saints in order to cast long lasting and effective spells. These spells are powerful and are to be taken seriously. They have the ability to create a dramatic and positive change especially for those who cast love spells.

Introduction to Santeria Spells

Santeria spells cast for love, fertility, and marriage, invoke Oshun, a Saint that symbolizes river waters, love, and marriage. The saint is associated with joy and pleasure. Whatever form of magic you choose, make sure you use to bring peace, harmony, good health, and luck to everyone, especially to the person you cast a spell on.


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