Passion Spell

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This wonderful old spell can help create lust and passion between the two of you and can be done with or without the cooperation of the one you desire.

This spell will help you to excite your lover’s passion by enabling him or her to tap into thoughts and feelings that he or she may have repressed, denied, or otherwise ignored.

Patchouli is a scent that is associated with making love with wild abandoned for centuries.

The apple is a symbol of original sin.  The blood that is passed through incense smoke is what bonds the two of you.

For the Passion Spell you will need:

  • A pin
  • An apple
  • Patchouli incense

How to Cast the Passion Spell

Each of you must prick your finger.  Let a drop of blood fall in the incense. Light the incense.

Take the apple and pass it through the smoke.


Blood of (his name)

Blood of (your name)

United as one

Pass the apple through the smoke another two times saying the chant. Cut the apple in half and lay it before the incense. The spell has been known to create great lust almost immediately so be ready!

The Benefits of a Passion Spell

Use this passion spell to increase an existing partner’s passion or entice a new lover into your arms.  Remember that passion is a beautiful and natural aspect of love.  You may use this spell without any fear that you are somehow manipulating or forcing your partner into something that he or she may not truly feel.

This passion spell, which is designed to increase lust in your love relationship, should therefore be performed when the moon is waxing or full for optimal results.  Sex Magic is an ancient and powerful magic that allows you to join your own personal vision with potent lunar energies that can help you to improve your life and turn your deepest desires into reality.


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  1. Jo says:

    The first part of the spell says you can do this with or with the cooperation of your partner. .. but the spell says you and your partner must prick your finger and both bloods are needed???? So that means I do need their cooperation or can I just do it with my blood? And will it work the same

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