Obeah and Wanga

In order to truly understand Obeah, you need to witness it in action.  Outside of that experience, describing Obeah doesn’t necessarily do it justice.  While it might seem like this is a strange spiritual practice, far away from anything you may have experienced growing up, this magic is a magic which can help you to bring joy and comfort into your life.  Folk magic connects with the simpler energies of life, helping to pull these energies and all of their aid into the universe in order to promote love, to heal wounds, and to cure the sick.  In many Obeah rituals, a practitioner may use a Wanga to focus their energy.  This is what a wanga can help you do.

What is a Wanga?

Though the word ‘wanga’ might be new to most people, it is not an unfamiliar item.  This item is a small packet which can be used as a magical charm.  It might contain different herbs and powders, or it might simply be empty.  The wanga might be filled up during a ritual, bought from an Obeah practitioner, or it might be made on one’s own at home.  This packet need not be complicated or too ornate as it is simply a reflection of the energy needed for the spell to work.  You can create a packet in any way, so long as you begin to infuse your energy into the packet, helping to make it unique to the situation and to the spell which you are trying to complete.  You can use a wanga for a variety of different purposes.

Bring Yourself Luck

For most people who follow Obeah, the wanga will be used for bringing good luck to a spell.  Though the spell itself may have been done perfectly, when the spell is not done with energy and with emotion, it might not have enough luck to support it.  With a wanga, you will be able to have a place where you can focus your energy and your intention.  This way, you can carry the packet with you wherever you go, bringing yourself luck in all of your decisions and actions.  Though the packet itself may not seem to be magickal, holding it close to your person, as in a pocket, will help to remind you of your spell and it will help it to continue to work.  These packets can also be placed in areas where you feel you need extra luck.

Healing the Sick

Many Obeah practitioners will use wangas to help heal the sick.  By putting healing energy into the packet, the packet can then be put with the sick person until they are well.  Or the packet can be infused with the disease and then thrown way to facilitate healing.  In any case, the packet can be used to draw sickness out of a person and then to help the person begin to heal more rapidly.  Choosing to use a wanga is quite common in Obeah healing practices.  Putting healing herbs in the packet can be useful, as can putting herbs or other offerings in the packet to help intice the help of a deity or an ancestor.  The more help which can be draw to the person who is sick, the better their luck will be to heal wounds or infections.

With Obeah, a person can begin to utilize nature to help them direct energy and change their lives. Though it might seem as though the packet is just a small object with little power, that packet will be filled with your energy and that will certainly help to create a successful spell result.


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