Modern Witchcraft

Modern witchcraft differs in some ways with the one that was practiced in ancient times and yet, it is somewhat the same. People studying modern witchcraft find that it has ancient origins that date back to the ancient and possibly prehistoric times.

In old times, people who practiced it were often persecuted for their beliefs. There were witch hunts in old Germanic countries of the Middle Ages and even in the US in the 1600s and 1700s.

The History of Witchcraft is not a pleasant chapter for witches and practitioners of magic.

The Principles of Modern Witchcraft

In modern times, witchcraft is often referred to as Wicca, which is an old English term for witch. People who follow the Wiccan path believe in the power of Mother Nature to intervene on the behalf of humans. They believe in the ultimate power of the Universe to make things happen and in the power of the sun, the moon, the earth and the stars.

Modern magic does not believe in harming anyone in the act of doing magic. Practitioners of modern magic may do ancient spells or more modern spells but they function by doing spells for protection, healing, love, abundance and also in the form of blessings and talismans.

Modern Witches

Many people ask what modern witches look like and how they live? Practitioners of magic often look no different from the rest of us, although some wear talismans, the pentagram, amulets or only natural fiber clothing. They believe they are close to nature and want to feel in tune with nature. Many of the holidays of modern magic include those related to the earth and the sun. For example, they may celebrate the Winter Solstice, the Summer Solstice, the fall equinox and the spring equinox. These are celebrated just like Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Those who practice modern witchcraft often do magic both for themselves and for other people. They may be professional witches and spell caster who charge money to do spells for people. In those cases people bring in whatever is required of them and the witch then performs the spell on their behalf. It could be a love spell, a money spell or any other kind of spell.

Some modern witches cast spells just for themselves or for their friends for free. They practice Wicca as a religion but have modern jobs and modern lives. They still cast spells but they do it for their own private purposes. They, like professional witches, do rituals and spells when necessary in order to better their lives or the lives of those they care about. Witchcraft is not a dangerous or bad thing for them; it is just a way of living that incorporates the use of spells and other aspects of witchcraft.

The Secrecy of Witchcraft

Modern witchcraft is not as secretive as old witchcraft. In old times, especially the Middle Ages and the pre-colonial times in the US, witchcraft had to be held secret from others because they would be persecuted or killed if it was found that they practiced the craft. It was a secret they kept from practically everyone. In modern times, witches openly wear pentagrams and sometimes talk about their involvement in Wicca or other witchcraft practices. Today is not accepted very well in the mainstream of USA but people are not persecuted for doing it either. Witches are allowed to practice their craft without threat of personal or political persecution.

In Conclusion

Modern witchcraft is a way of life that honors the Earth, the Moon, the Stars, and the Sun. It uses ancient spellwork at times but there are modern spells that people use in place of the ancient ones.


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