The Meaning of the Rune Laguz

Laguz upright is represented by the element of water and emanates the characteristics of fluidity, healing and that which is lingering just beneath the surface. A difficult situation will require “going with the flow” in order for it to reach its logical end. Struggling against the current is unwise. Conscious or unconscious truths are about to surface.

Laguz reversed signifies willfully fighting the natural progression of a situation, resulting in wasted time and energy. Purposely ignoring the reality of one’s circumstances; participating or being complicit in an unhealthy dynamic.

Laguz upright:

  • mutability
  • volatility
  • confronting fears
  • moving forward
  • cleansing

Laguz reversed:

  • egoism
  • avoidance
  • self-sabotage
  • corruption
  • refusing accountability

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